Pokemon The Journey of Janice

So this is a slightly different kind of post. A regular visitor of this site, Allen Chingonzoh, has posted a story idea which can hopefully, one day, be turned into a great ROM hack! For those of you who don't know, Allen has written many excellent walkthroughs for hacks such as Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter and Pokemon Flora Sky. So without further ado... Detailed Write-up (Pastebin) Detailed Write-up (GDrive) Audio version ( Below is a short excerpt of the idea. The actual story is provided in a walkthrough fashion in the detailed write-up. Story Janice, her 4 friends Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin have graduated from high school together with other 16-year olds and it is time for them to receive their Starter Pokemon and go off on their journeys as Pokemon Trainers. But unlike the others Janice already has a Pokemon, a Pidgey that has been another dear friend of hers for a while now. When Janice asks Pidgey if it would like to tag along with her on the big ad

Moemon Bonds

Download Pre-Patched Moemon Bonds Rom Version: Beta v1.0.2 Updated: May 15, 2021 Download (Beta v1.0.2) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Moemon Bonds Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creator : Fantaseed Story By the power of the whimsy MOEMON GODDESS, you - (an amnesiac and clueless MOEMON Latios berry-picker in your teens) - were given a hellish curse. In order to get rid of this curse, you must abide by her every will. She told you, you must go on a moemon POACHING journey and stop the chosen one at all costs. Though, you must also persuade and relieve the hearts of the many MOEMONS she said. Tread the path of the white shadows. Form bonds with your MOEMON companions you had MOENAPPED?! Unveil mysteries and secrets in this world of modernized MOEMON. Be the rival and bar the chosen one's tracks. Features New story MOE Sidequests Follow me events and minigames Double MOEbattles galore Exclusive MOE

Pokemon Remixed Red & Blue

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Remixed Red and Blue Rom Version: v1.2 Updated: May 7, 2021 Download Remixed Red (v1.2) MediaFire Google Drive Download Remixed Blue (v1.2) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Remixed Red & Remixed Blue Type : GB Hack of : Red/Blue Language : English Creator : Penny55gg Description This hack aims to keep the looks and feel of gen 1, while trying to make it more playable, and make more Pokemon viable. Features Steel and Dark types added Gym leaders, Rivals and Giovanni buffed Moves buffed! Even useless moves are useful now New Moves added to the game Pokemon buffed Reusable TMs Ghost Type is now Special & Dark Type is now Physical All 151 (minus Mew) are catchable Credits Penny55gg Source PokeCommunity

Pokemon Fire Red Omega (DX)

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Red Omega (DX) Rom Version: v1 Updated: May 5, 2021 Download (v1) MediaFire Google Drive Useful Stuff Readme Information Name : Pokemon Fire Red Omega DX Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creator : ??? Description An improvement type hack of Pokemon FireRed Features Day and Night cycle EV-IV checker is now on menu Pokedex now shows abilities and stats of a caught pokemon TM and move tutors are now reusable All tms and hms can be found in game some trees once cut down will no longer grow back Hms are deletable Some moves were updated and physical special split was added Every pokemon has a new moveset of gen 4 but some moves were improvised Some pokemon have new sprites from emerald and platinum, also some fixed Wardobe from throwback Some pokemon wild areas where changed Every trainer battles were revised, more grinding exp pts EV reduce berries were added Berry vendor

Pokemon Demon Island

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Demon Island Rom Version: v1.3f Updated: May 5, 2021 Download (v1.3f) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Demon Island Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creator : DaimyoHermit Story You have been mysteriously sent to a dangerous island filled with hungry flesh-eating Pokemon that are about to eat you up instantly. You have no clue where you are and what happened in this place. The island is infested with monsters, an attacking cult, demonic beings, everything in this island is just very chaotic. And it is your only choice to survive and escape this mysterious and depressing place. Features "MAKABRE" - an extra evolution from some certain Pokemon All trainers are changed to Shadows Increased Difficulty New and Changed Pokemon species New Evil Team Sinned Seven as the Elite Four New Powerful Legendary Pokemon Depressing atmosphere Dark storyline Credits Daimy

Survey: What do you look for in a ROM Hack?

I'm planning to revamp the lists on this site. For that purpose, I'm interested in knowing what features or aspects of a ROM hack you look for when deciding what to play next. For example, I see a lot of people are only interested in hacks which have the Physical/Special split. And similarly, I know that Fakemons are a turn off for many. I'm mainly looking for important reasons and not just "good to have" things like, say, running indoors, that would not influence your decision much. A couple of examples so we're on the same page: - has a new region - uses the CFRU engine. Please leave your response in the comments. If you're having trouble posting a comment, you can use this Google Form instead: Thanks in advance for any responses!

Pokemon R.O.W.E

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon R.O.W.E Rom Version: v1.2.0 Updated: May 11, 2021 Important Supported emulators include mGBA for PC and Pizza Boy GBA for Android. My Boy! is not recommended. Download (v1.2.0) MediaFire Google Drive Useful Stuff Pokemon Locations Important Locations Information Name : Pokemon R.O.W.E Type : GBA Hack of : Emerald Language : English Creator : rioluwott Description Pokemon R.O.W.E is an attempt to make an open world Pokemon Emerald with QoL changes with a good replay value making diverse team building the main objective. Features Explore the region in any order you want 9 new starters Hard mode available Randomizing mode for wild Pokemon Pokemon from all 8 Gens Physical/Special split Daily Gym Leader rematches Level scaling Reusable TMs Mega Evolutions Find rare Pokemon with the DexNav Gen 8 Flying Taxis from the beginning No more Hidden Machines thanks to the PokeRide Name Rater, Move R