Pokemon Demon Island

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Demon Island Rom Version: v1.2a Updated: April 18, 2021 Download (v1.2a) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Demon Island Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creator : DaimyoHermit Story You have been mysteriously sent to a dangerous island filled with hungry flesh-eating Pokemon that are about to eat you up instantly. You have no clue where you are and what happened in this place. The island is infested with monsters, an attacking cult, demonic beings, everything in this island is just very chaotic. And it is your only choice to survive and escape this mysterious and depressing place. Features "MAKABRE" - an extra evolution from some certain Pokemon All trainers are changed to Shadows Increased Difficulty New and Changed Pokemon species New Evil Team Sinned Seven as the Elite Four New Powerful Legendary Pokemon Depressing atmosphere Dark storyline Credits Da

Survey: What do you look for in a ROM Hack?

I'm planning to revamp the lists on this site. For that purpose, I'm interested in knowing what features or aspects of a ROM hack you look for when deciding what to play next. For example, I see a lot of people are only interested in hacks which have the Physical/Special split. And similarly, I know that Fakemons are a turn off for many. I'm mainly looking for important reasons and not just "good to have" things like, say, running indoors, that would not influence your decision much. A couple of examples so we're on the same page: - has a new region - uses the CFRU engine. Please leave your response in the comments. If you're having trouble posting a comment, you can use this Google Form instead: Thanks in advance for any responses!

Pokemon R.O.W.E

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon R.O.W.E Rom Version: v1.0.9 Updated: April 1, 2021 Important Supported emulators include mGBA for PC and Pizza Boy GBA for Android. My Boy! is not recommended. Download (v1.0.9) MediaFire Google Drive Useful Stuff Pokemon Locations Important Locations Information Name : Pokemon R.O.W.E Type : GBA Hack of : Emerald Language : English Creator : rioluwott Description Pokemon R.O.W.E is an attempt to make an open world Pokemon Emerald with QoL changes with a good replay value making diverse team building the main objective. Features Explore the region in any order you want 9 new starters Hard mode available Randomizing mode for wild Pokemon Pokemon from all 8 Gens Physical/Special split Daily Gym Leader rematches Level scaling Reusable TMs Mega Evolutions Find rare Pokemon with the DexNav Gen 8 Flying Taxis from the beginning No more Hidden Machines thanks to the PokeRide Name Rater, Move

Pokemon Ice Blue

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ice Blue Rom Version: v1.31 Updated: April 3, 2021 Important Only known to work on the VBA emulator. Download (v1.31) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Ice Blue Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creator : Dylan Story Articuno has frozen the world, can you find the legendary "Phoenix" and save the world? Features Mini-Romhack (only a few maps) No catching pokemon as all 6 are given throughout the game Credits Dylan, Joexv, Pokemon Clover Team, Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark Team, JPAN, M.C.s, Spritemaster2010, kamionero, MikeP, Cayan, Lunos, Kalarie Source PokeCommunity

Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Giratina's Legend Rom Version: Beta 1.0.2 Updated: April 4, 2021 Download (Beta 1.0.2) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Giratina's Legend Type : GBA Hack of : Ruby Language : Italian Creator : Andrea Story - "The ECO project is a failure", 5 years earlier than the current narrative arc - A group of researchers is working on a revolutionary project in a laboratory. If successful, the experiments conducted within it would allow communication between the pokémon world and the distortion world, which is guarded by Giratina. Due to the negligence of the research group supervisor, one of the machines inside the laboratory catches fire. The fire causes the destruction of the entire structure; in addition, one of the members of the research group lost his life. - "Present" - Our adventure begins; it starts from a small town, SHIMMERING TOWN, located in the center of the SHINZO reg

Pokemon Voyager

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Voyager Rom Version: v0.1.3 (Alpha) Updated: March 26, 2021 Download (v0.1.3) MediaFire Google Drive Information Name : Pokemon Voyager Type : GBA Hack of : Emerald Language : English Creator : ghoulslash Story You have lived your whole life in Andromeda City, the metropolitan heart of Keplara. Your father works for the Andromeda PD; your mother is the local Antares League gym leader. Someday you'll get a Trainer's License of your own and become a well-regarded Pokémon trainer yourself. But today is not that day. Instead, today is an exciting day for Andromeda City: your mother's Antares League gym is moving into the snazziest new digs, all the way up to the top floors of the recently-completed Pokémon community skyscraper! There's still a few things left to move and unpack before the grand opening, but it's nothing that you and your father can't handle. What could possibly go wrong? Features

Pokemon Reboot

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Reboot Rom Version: v3.0 Updated: March 4, 2021 Download (v3.0) MediaFire Google Drive Useful Stuff Readme Information Name : Pokemon Reboot Type : GBA Hack of : FireRed Language : English Creators : yogur.comics Description A rom hack of Pokemon FireRed where old Pokemon have been redesigned as modern ones. Screenshots Credits pkmnreboot, kei.os, nachtbeirmann, Ikarus, yogur.comics, Omega Source Twitter