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Pokemon CrystalDust

Download Patched Pokemon CrystalDust Rom

Latest version- Beta 2

Updated on- July 29 2016

pokemon crystaldust cover


Google Drive


Name: Pokemon CrystalDust
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Creator: Diegoisawesome
Status: Almost everything in Johto and some parts of Kanto


Once again, you're put back into the shoes of either Gold or Kris, and sent on your way across the Johto region. With the most accurate scripts, text, features, and everything else compared to other remakes, you can nostalgically relive your past GBC memories and experiences in full-on GBA style on your way to becoming a Pokémon master.


  • Sprites, sound, maps, events, and text all are almost perfect copies of their GBC counterparts
  • Day/Night system
  • Won 2nd place in PokeCommunity's Hack of the Year 2013


Diegoisawesome, MrAPT1, Jambo51, Clonex25, Magnius, Jilly Shears, Linkandzelda, blase005, shiny quagsire


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  1. Replies
    1. See the official site here. It's in the 3rd question from the end.

  2. Complete this games please and thank

  3. Thx, finally downloaded this thing

  4. Best hack remake of Silver altho is unfinished.

  5. Replies
    1. The trade evolutions were changed-
      Graveller and Machoke evolve by leveling up to a certain level. Kadabra and Haunter evolve by leveling up with high happiness at day (Kadabra) or night (Haunter). For Pokémon that would usually need a specific item to evolve while being traded, just have them hold the item and then level up.

      If you're talking about actual trading then I'm not sure. You'll have to try and see.

    2. Hi. It is me lighting the jolteon.

  6. The Creater Start Working again beta 3 Knuckle San.
    ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) .

  7. First of all do you have tip jar, or another way to accept donations? You sir are a GODSEND, I'm an older gamer and was disappointed when the majority of rom hacks I tried on my boy didn't work, then I found your pre-patched stuff and am happy again! One rom I'm having issues with is crystal dust, Either source states: file type unsupported, any ideas? Thanks again for your efforts, much appreciated by myself.

    1. Sorry for the delay. I just tested both the links and they seem to play fine on VBA. It's possible that the download is corrupt and that's why it isn't being recognized. If Mediafire is more convenient, try this- Link
      Also, thanks for the offer, but the creators of these hacks deserve all the credit.

  8. Well I tried the same hold down link button, then click download link, that worked, tyvm, also any1 wondering about that message stating your rom is outdated, this version is the most up to date version, domoreawesome's site has the same beta 2. Happy gaming!

  9. Knuckle San it's beta 3 is already realised

    1. The official thread and site still say Beta 2 is the latest. Where did you get this info?

  10. Where does this game end? How to defeat Red?!

    1. Kanto isn't done yet (not sure where exactly it ends) so I don't think you can face Red

  11. Hi, how can i evolve my nodos into nidoking/queen. Where xan i get moon stone

    1. You'll need a Moon Stone for Nidoking/queen. I'm guessing the locations are the same as Crystal.

  12. Saw the last post on DeigoIsAwesome's page, shame he never finished the Kanto region. Love how Crystaldust is so close to the original, and with better graphics and the pokemon actually move/animate. Really hope he reconsiders and finishes the story right, sucks you can't get the Aqua Ticket :(


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