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Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers

Download Patched Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers Rom

Latest version- 2014v1

Updated on- July 22 2016

pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers cover


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Name: Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers
Hack of: Ruby
Language: English
Creator: destinedjagold
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You're just a simple and average kid living in the real world. The day has come, yes! It's your 12th birthday. To celebrate it, you invited 4 of your friends who, like you, loves POKéMON as well. But then, when you were about to begin, a strange aura came in the room and made you loose your consciousness.
Once you woke up, you found yourself deep in the forest which you aren't familiar with, and then you heard strange cries of animals. You checked it out and to your surprise, you found a Torchic and a Chikorita for real, or, they found you.
A dream come true, or a nightmare? They told you that you're a POKéMON as well, a Pikachu! Shocked and confused, they offered you to join their Rescue Team. Having nowhere else to go, you agreed. And so your journey, as a new being, begins.


  • Play as a Pikachu!
  • Chikorita and Torchic will be your partners
  • New Tiles, Scripts and Overworlds


destinedjagold, C3LEBI, thethethethe, Benevolent Wings, TotoMud, Nicolas, Keyrin, ~ShadowUmbreon~, ShineGreymTn, EnirevTux, Xiros, Fire Flame, WAH, Ozumas, ~Daisuke~, Samson, Mystery_Dungeon, EternalLight, Desperate Milotic, Mr. C, amyrosesweetie, Danskeren, Sythes, emocresselia, Wichu, revenge101, Forgotten Memory, WraithPhantom73, Crossel



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  1. Uh I have my pokemon from ruby destiny 1.. but there changed. Im confused my lucario changed to a dolphan and charizard to a blazekin. But they have origional names.. help!!

    1. It might be due to a compatibility issue between the two versions. You can get in touch with the creator and other people who can help you via the PokeCommunity Hack Studio forums(google it).

  2. I played it but my game freezed when i am in land of death or something else

    1. Please report it along with a screenshot on the Pokecommunity thread linked above.

    2. Hey knuckle the thread is closed. What to do now? Plz I want to play that game

    3. The thread seems open to me. Someone just commented last month. Anyway, I guess you can also try messaging destinedjagold somehow.

  3. Spoiler Alert: At the end, after choosing on which legendary dragon that should accompany me to the real world I came back to the town square and I can't get out of there because there is no rescue mission, also, the abra wouldn't teleport me anywhere, IM STUCK, HELP!

    1. If you ask on the Pokecommunity thread (link), the creator will be able to help you out.

  4. I lost the fight against the 4 dragons after beating the shadow and i blacked out and woke up in what i guess was hell because the hell dragon was there and when i walked towards him he teleported me out and i woke up in my house but i had gone back in time despite keeping my team and now the game seems to be playing both timelines simultaneously and im stuck

    1. The creator seems to be somewhat active nowadays so I would recommend posting this on the Pokecommunity thread. You can also check out a walkthrough on Youtube to verify that this is actually a bug and not intended.

    2. alright thanks for the advice


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