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Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas

Download Patched Pokemon: The Wooper Who Saved Christmas Holiday Hack Rom

Latest version- Beta 3

Updated on- October 14 2016

pokemon holiday hack wooper who saved christmas cover


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Name: Pokemon Holidays Hacks: Christmas- The Wooper who Saved Christmas
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Joexv
Status: In bug fix queue; Ending unfinished
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One fateful Christmas night, a Wooper was getting ready for Santa's arrival. As Santa was leaving his trustworthy Delibird was kidnapped by a man dressed all in black! Now its up to you to save him! Play as the legendary Wooper who saved Christmas during the times of the Pokemon war!


  • A nuzlocke hack
  • Portable healing stations
  • Very few trainers
  • A naughty/nice system
  • 2 endings (incomplete)
  • Your Pokemon die after they faint
  • Lots of hidden items and money to make up for lack of trainers


Joexv, Blazikenxy, Trenjoh, TheRalOCD, Fbi, WeselyFG



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  1. This game is screwy. I leave the room at the beginning to see what's going on on the roof and it says "Wooper saved the Delibird and saved Christmas" then Santa runs off the right side of the screen and so does Wooper, after a black screen Wooper is outside the Pokemon League. I follow the path into Victory Road and it freezes.

    1. I'm guessing you're the same person who reported this on Pokecommunity.. The creator just released a new beta so just letting you know.

  2. My freezes too. I talked to village people first town I come to

  3. if you "talk" to one of the posts in the village near the cave where everyone hates you you can get 99 rare candy.

  4. The game freezes continuously either fix it or fuck off

    1. Your comment is misdirected. You can reach the creator using the link to Pokecommunity above.


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