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Updated on- September 11 2016

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Important: This is a GBC hack.


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Name: Pokemon Gold Sunset Horizons
Hack of: Gold
Language: English
Creator: CH666
Status: Complete (with glitches)


Red the strongest trainer ever is killed by the Mewtwo he caught at Cerulean cave when he was training at Mt.Silver although before dying Red was able to recapture Mewtwo but it is trying to get out.So in order to stop it from escaping Red's Spirit wanders the Mt.Silver and he can only rest when someone can defeat him and Mewtwo in a Fair battle.When Prof.Oak Discovered this he promised Red and set out to find a worthy challenger for him.


  • Different storyline
  • Completable Pokedex
  • High but reasonable difficulty
  • Redesigned cities and towns

Extra Info

Version Exclusive,Starter and other Rare pokemon appear in Ruins of alph outer(NIGHT), route 31(anytime),route 33(MORNING and NIGHT), and route 36(NIGHT). Evolution Changes: Kadabra,Machoke,Graveller,Haunter,Onix and Scyther evolve at level 25. Poliwhirl-Politoad at level 30. Seadra-Kingdra at level 35. Porygon-Porygon2 with Thunderstone. Slowpoke to Slowking with Sunstone. Trades: Aticuno-Lapras Zapdos-Porygon2 Moltres-Dragonite Mewtwo-Tyranitar Mew-Kingdra Celebi-Venasaur. 1.It is named Sunset Horizons because Sunsets are kind of sad they signify the end of a day. 2.In intro during time setting part the words in brackets is the main charater speaking.



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  1. Porygon is not evolving with the Thunderstone.

    1. Sorry, I have no idea. It's supposed to; maybe it was planned but never done

  2. In Violet City, it's possible to get stuck by jumping over a ledge next to the PokeMart. I lost all of my progress (Even though it wasn't that much) when I reset to get out.


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