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Latest version- Version 1.3.3 Beta

Updated on- June 27, 2017

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(v1.3.3 + Physical/Special split)



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Name: Pokemon StunningSteel
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Vcaveman, seatrekninja
Status: Complete through Fuchsia City, including Fuchsia Gym.
Help: Genesis Cave Document


The year is 2008, a decade after the Great Pokémon War. Your late father, a master of Steel-type Pokémon, is hailed as a national hero. However, you don't remember much about him, apart from the stories your mom tells you and the glorified accounts of the media.
Nevertheless, just like your dad, you've always been gifted when it came to Pokémon. Although you didn't have time to raise your own Pokémon while you were in school, that didn't stop you from making a name for yourself at various battle facilities using rental Pokémon. Now, after graduating at 17, you decide to embark on your own journey to see what the world of Pokémon holds for you as a trainer.
However, your path is not as straightforward as you imagined it would be, and you soon find yourself faced with decisions that have the power to impact those around you, for better or for worse. What kind of mark will you leave on the world? On your friends? How far will you go to pursue your goals? The choices are in your hands.
On your adventure, you'll struggle through difficult battles and form bonds with rivals and friends alike. You'll laugh. You may even cry. You'll unravel mysteries and expose hidden motives. Your journey will become one of self-discovery as you delve deeper into your father's past and explore the meaning of destiny. But be careful which paths you take. In this tale, you are no mere spectator.


  • Branching choice-based plot development: 3 possible endings
  • 4-6 friends/rivals
  • 151++ Pokémon: All 151 original Pokémon are available through traditional solo gameplay. In addition, almost every Pokémon from Gen 2 and 3 are available
  • Moderate difficulty
  • Losable battles
  • Revamped EV Training hotspots
  • Hidden abilities
  • Updated movesets
  • Run indoors
  • TM's reusable
  • Poison overworld effects disabled
  • EXP gain after catching Pokémon
  • Repel system from BW2


Vcaveman, Seatrekninja, HackMew, LU-HO, Jambo51, JPAN, Navenatox, knizz, Touched, karatekid552


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  1. What do you do after beating misty?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. If you haven't figured it out yet, you can try asking here-

    2. I still can't figure out what to do. :(

    3. If you havent figured it out yet, I've asked your question on the thread and I'll let you know if it gets an answer.

    4. In case you're still stuck, your question was answered-
      If you haven't gone up and talk to Bill and Stark then do that. If you have you have then
      1. Talk to the ace trainer in the Pokemon center or
      2. Talk to Vanessa on route 24

      You have to do all of that to progress.

  2. When the game is updated will I have to start over?

    1. The creator stated that future releases will be compatible with the current saves

  3. A very good article. Thank you!

  4. is there a reason for you not posting any games lately? or are there none that you feel are worthy

    1. I would also love new hacks to play. Thanks for hooking me up with all the previous ones though!!!

    2. No, it's just that I've been kinda busy lately so I've just been adding hacks on request. When I get free (sometime next week), I'll try to add whatever's missing. Feel free to make suggestions.

    3. I understand. Take your time Knuckle! :]
      I would love to suggest roms but I find myself discovering new hacks here than anywhere else

  5. Hey Knuckle! So I'm not sure how comfortable you feel with randomizing your own roms or hacks, but I think it would be cool if you started posting pre-randomized games on here. I know randomizing non-hacked gba files is easy, but I was never able to do randomized hacks. Expert emerald would be great randomized. Or even firered omega!

  6. Hey Sans! Pls put Pokemon Delta Emerald over here! I really appreciate you kindness!

    1. I have already added it over on the list page but unfortunately I could not find any official page for it, so I'm not sure about the progress.

    2. Oh... Is that so, well its okay but... I've found a website with this game and I think theres a bug there. Whenever I buy at the Pokémart the character cannot move after the salesman says "Please come again!" or something like thay. Try it Sans its in tjis site pokesaves.com or some sort of name and its language isn't english

    3. Yeah, that's where I got it from. If the bug is in that version, then it's in the version here too..

  7. When will the next update be available? I love this rom and your work! Keep it up, cause your amazing! ^_^

    1. Thanks for the feedback; this should answer your question-

  8. Replies
    1. That game has many different difficulty patches so on the list page I've added Red Deluxe in the easiest version and Blue Deluxe in the hardest one.

  9. https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=378474 updated in 2017 1.3.3


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