Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle

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Version: v0.6.2

Updated: December 24, 2021

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Name: Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle
Type: GBA
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English


You start on the game on Three Island. After picking up your first Pokemon your adventure begins, and before you know it you are exploring a brand new and fully custom region: Empire Isle.
On your journey to become the strongest trainer of them all you will battle the likes of Team Rocket, investigate the disappearance of a famous royal of Empire Isle, cross paths with powerful villains, reach your father who has recently been appointed as a gym leader and unearth plot twists like no other.
Team Rocket are up to no good (as usual). Using science, Team Rocket are mutating Pokémon to make them more powerful and unpredictable as ever. It is down to you to stop them, along with the help of various characters you will meet throughout the story.
Explore the beautiful Empire Isle, abundant with a variety of Pokémon from the first 3 generations and build a team capable of taking down even the strongest opponents.


  • A brand new region: Empire Isle
  • A return to the Sevii Islands
  • A brand new safari zone
  • Tileset and palette overhauls
  • A increased difficulty level which will test your battle skills and Party diversity
  • Custom TM list
  • Lots of optional battles in towns and cities, and additional but fun dialogues with NPCs
  • The chance to battle several well known characters, such as Gary and Prof. Oak
  • No more trade evolutions + Pokémon evolved with Stones continue to learn moves
  • Rare Pokemon available on every route (1% encounter chance)



DaleH771, KyleDove




Please take a few minutes to post your initial and final impressions of the game on one of the official channels linked above. The creators do not receive any compensation for the time and effort that they put in, so your feedback is what keeps projects like this going.


  1. Replies
    1. No, as mentioned above, you can get up to 4 badges. Also, this game probably been discontinued so there will not be any updates.

  2. Where do I go after I get the tripass? I can't go anywhere else

    1. Found this-
      "Have you defeated the rival at Bond Bridge and fought through Berry Forest? Once you reach the end of Berry Forest you speak to the Berry Man, who then heads back to see Prof. Redwood. You return and speak to Prof. Redwood too who then informs you that the former Navy Supervisor who lives in the house with the red roof is willing to give you a Tri Pass. Once you get the TriPass you should be able to head into the Three Isle Port Porthouse and go to Two and One Island. The Cave should become unblocked once you get your first Pokemon."

    2. I can't get into the porthouse and those two sailors aren't in front of it. I also can't access the cave on three island

    3. Hmmm.. Not sure, sorry. There seems to be a walkthrough on Youtube, so maybe see that.

    4. That's where I figured out something was wrong. I even created a save file and did everything as close as I could get and still had the same problem

    5. Should I try and delete and redownload?

    6. I doubt that would change anything. It's more likely a bug in the game.

  3. Hi knuckle san i recently would like to say if any completed games present played all rom s on your website any new

    1. No, nothing much recently. If add something, it'll be on the changelog (link).

  4. hey can you please continue it i like this game....

    1. Unfortunately, this hack is most likely discontinued.


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