Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle

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Version: Beta 0.3

Updated: March 15 2017

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(Beta 0.3)

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Name: Pokemon Adventure to Empire Isle
Type: GBA
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Length: Get up to 4 Royal Badges in current beta


You lived in Pallet Town, you were as happy as larry living at home with your mum, when suddenly your mum fell violently ill. As she was taken to Sinnoh to receive treatment, it was seen as best if you were not to see your poor mother in such a state, and so you are sent away from Pallet Town and to the Sevii Islands, to live with your Auntie and Uncle on Three Island. Your uncle however is no where to be seen, and is said to currently being trialled as a Gym Leader in a place known as Empire Isle. As your acting father figure he now becomes your role model and so you set out to accomplish the same as him, with the objective to reach Empire Isle immediately.

You awaken in your room, slumped over your desk after a heavy night at Prof. Redwoods house, your neighbour. He had held a party the whole island had attended. It turns out you left your new unbattled Pokemon next door accidentally and so you set off to get it back, and meet Prof. Redwoods son, Kane Redwood for the first time and do battle, and so your journey begins as you train your Pokemon and try to reach your uncle on an independent journey. On your journey you'll meet fellow trainers, grow stronger, fight criminals in the form of Team Rocket (Making their final stand) and do your best to find and defeat your uncle, and become recognised champion of Empire Isle.


  • Starts on the Sevii islands
  • A whole new region, Empire Isle
  • Pokemon from the first 3 generations
  • Palette changes
  • New tiles
  • Totally new story- Red's mother suddenly falls ill?
  • 8 royal badges, not all earned in the usual way
  • Increased difficulty level
  • In-house battles in every city
  • Battle Prof. Oak!


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DaleH771, KyleDove



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  1. Replies
    1. No, as mentioned above, you can get up to 4 badges. Also, this game probably been discontinued so there will not be any updates.

  2. Where do I go after I get the tripass? I can't go anywhere else

    1. Found this-
      "Have you defeated the rival at Bond Bridge and fought through Berry Forest? Once you reach the end of Berry Forest you speak to the Berry Man, who then heads back to see Prof. Redwood. You return and speak to Prof. Redwood too who then informs you that the former Navy Supervisor who lives in the house with the red roof is willing to give you a Tri Pass. Once you get the TriPass you should be able to head into the Three Isle Port Porthouse and go to Two and One Island. The Cave should become unblocked once you get your first Pokemon."

    2. I can't get into the porthouse and those two sailors aren't in front of it. I also can't access the cave on three island

    3. Hmmm.. Not sure, sorry. There seems to be a walkthrough on Youtube, so maybe see that.

    4. That's where I figured out something was wrong. I even created a save file and did everything as close as I could get and still had the same problem

    5. Should I try and delete and redownload?

    6. I doubt that would change anything. It's more likely a bug in the game.

  3. Hi knuckle san i recently would like to say if any completed games present played all rom s on your website any new

    1. No, nothing much recently. If add something, it'll be on the changelog (link).

  4. hey can you please continue it i like this game....

    1. Unfortunately, this hack is most likely discontinued.


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