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Pokemon FireRed +Plus

Download Patched Pokemon FireRed + Plus Rom

Version: v0.60

Updated: April 12, 2017

pokemon firered plus



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Name: Pokemon FireRed +Plus
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Pokemon FireRed +Plus is a hack of Pokemon FireRed (obviously) but the difference is in the added content- the useless Sevii Islands have been removed and replaced with the Orange Islands.


After defeating the Elite Four, Oak sends you to pick up the GS ball (just like in Ash's adventure,) but once you are there the story changes completely...

Once you dock in Valencia, you head up a winding path to visit Prof. Ivy's lab... She is about to give you the GS Ball when team rocket strikes... They hit hard defeating the professor and stealing the GS Ball before you can react to save it. Ivy mentions something about abnormal pokemon before you head off in hot pursuit. Next you hit Mikan Island, where you cannot pass without fighting the gym leader Cissy in a dual match.

Dont worry, if you think the only changes are post game content, you are wrong. There are many new mini games and a fun trade sequences in Kanto. There are also new characters to meet and new items to gather.


  • Orange Islands
  • Pokedex reduced to 251
  • Superpowered evil Rocket Pokemon
  • New challenges and puzzles


pokemon firered plus screenshot 1 pokemon firered plus screenshot 2 pokemon firered plus screenshot 3 pokemon firered plus screenshot 4


Probably discontinued- "This hack is incomplete. I have lost interest in completeing it and just wanted to publish what I had."

The story is not 100% done. You chase Team Rocket all the way to Mandarin Island where they are mining gold and silver (which is a mask for their real goal of finding Lugia and Ho-oh). While the game is not complete, it is playable. All of Kanto is playable, and you will see some things you have never seen before.


locksmitharmy, karatekid552, lizzzz, sharshar



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  1. What's the difference between this fire red and the original fire red ?

    1. Basically what's described above. It aimed to replace Sevii with the Orange Islands but it was never completed.

  2. Please give me this game cheats

    1. Just a guess but most regular FireRed cheats should work.

  3. Has trade evolution pokemon been changed? or is there no way to know how to get Alakazam or Gengar?

    1. Apparently there's an item called the Transfer Stone for trade evolution Pokemon. For some reason, Machoke still evolves by trade though.


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