Pokemon Clay's Calamity II

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Version: v5.1

Updated: May 22, 2018

pokemon clay's calamity 2




Name: Pokemon Clay's Calamity 2
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
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This game takes place several years after Clay’s Calamity I, where the main character, Clay, embarks on a quest through the open world of Kanto to become champion. After completing the league Clay then goes into hiding and is never seen again. Clay’s tremendous concurring of every trainer and gym leader shook Kanto so much that all the gym leaders became stronger in an attempt to never let someone wreck their world has hard again.

What is your job? To find and defeat Clay!

Journey through the completely open world of Kanto with Pokemon from all three generations and experience the most difficult Pokemon game ever created. Gym leaders are the strongest enemies (second only to the Elite Four) that you can face and Pokemon are greatly versified.

Every Gym Leader you defeat will bring you one step closer to finding Clay. Solve the mystery and defeat Clay to complete this Pokemon game!


  • Open World- Travel anywhere you wish
  • Start with a Magikarp and Master Ball


pokemon clay's calamity 2 screenshot 1 pokemon clay's calamity 2 screenshot 2





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  1. Do you think its good?
    Just askin you opinion if you say no or yes it wont change if i play it or not

    1. It's a new hack and I haven't checked it out yet. Maybe somebody else here can tell you.

    2. Yes it is awesome but it has some minor bugsbugs !

  2. Is the first Clay's Calamity on here Or under a different name or something?

    1. No, the first one was made for a friend of the creator's and was never publicly released.
      (Sorry for the late reply. Your comment was classified as spam for some reason.)

  3. You can can skip gym leaders and battle them later I think because of how strong they are and when I first battle Brock his pokemon was over level 50 but the trainer pokemon are their usual level.

    1. Yeah, it's supposed to be open world, meaning you should be able to challenge the leaders in any order.

  4. Does anyone know where is the location of clay yet??

  5. Yes he's in digletts cave, be warmed all his Pokemon are lv 100

  6. Hey ! Can any one tell me the location of clay?

  7. Mmm getting some new interesting Rom hacks cool still waiting on clover post game update lol

  8. So I was playing the previous version & I got a lv.1 Mew in Vermilion city. At the time I had 2 badges & working on my 3rd. My question is this. Why is it so rebellious? Do I need all badges for it to obey or is it a glitch? And is it in this version with the same problem?

    1. I could be completely wrong, but I heard somewhere that legendaries that cannot be obtained legitimately won't obey you (even after getting all the badges).

      Of course, the creator can probably fix this, so I'd recommend letting him know via the Pokecommunity thread mentioned above.

    2. Knuckle is correct. Mew and Deoxis cannot be controled in the game normally. This was fixed in Clays Calamity 3 but not in 1 or 2.


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