Pokemon Deneb & Procyon

Download Patched Pokemon Deneb and Procyon Rom

Version: April 1, 2018 update

Updated: April 1, 2018

pokemon deneb procyon


These are Japanese ROM hacks, and there is no English translation available.

Download Pokemon Deneb

(April 1, 2018 update)

Download Pokemon Procyon

(April 1, 2018 update)


Name: Pokemon Deneb/Procyon
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: Japanese


pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 1 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 3 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 4 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 5 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 6 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 7 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 8 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 10 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 11 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 12 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 13 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 14 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 15 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 16 pokemon deneb procyon screenshot 17


(), usigusom, WAON, えびそば, ぼんじり, らいだー, ムルムル, ユグドラシル, 黒インク, 最悪天にノボール




  1. Since there haven't been many new ROM hacks lately, I thought I'd add these two.

    1. Is there an english version to this?

    2. Not yet. I believe the translators are waiting for the original to finish.

    3. Will they have new evolutions?

    4. Not really following what's going on, sorry.

  2. Is this like a continuation of Pokemon Vega/Altair/Sirius? I recognized some of the fakemon in the screenshots,thus my question

    1. It's made by the same guys. Not sure if it's a sequel, though.

    2. Yes, it's a sequel to Vega.

      Same protagonist moves to a new region called Signet after their adventures in Hoenn and Tohoak.

  3. Cool for your come back dude now find pokemon fiya red's please you'll find on the official website https://mobile.twitter.com/fiyaredofficial

    1. I've already added a link in the list. I don't really want to disappoint the people who follow this site by making a lot of pages for foreign language hacks.

    2. Some of the best hacks are in foreign languages. Thankfully we have a massive community who are willing to spend time to translate. I'm starting a translation soon myself.

  4. Replies
    1. I guess. I heard the current version is 6 Gyms long.

  5. This seems pretty cool. I hope they translate it after a while

  6. I would test this out but I can't speak Japanese at all or know what it's saying

  7. Changes since the Feb 16 version:
    - Fixing problems that freeze with colorful attack
    · Fixed a problem where censure was not working properly
    · Deneb only Neoranto Comoragon · Keluena's picture book explanation sentence was defective because it was incorrect
    - Fixed because there was an error in the setting of the power system item * Current situation can not be obtained

    · Correction of explanation of the following technique
    Impact site
    Soul strike
    To be caught in a magma
    To cringe
    · Technical setting correction of the following technique
    Lovely Spark
    Ayano's Tsubasa
    Tai Pu
    · Modify script of the following technique
    Melometer punches
    Blossom light
    · Corrected because there was a problem with the following technique animation
    Arm hammer (Procion only)
    Earth riser
    Metal nipper
    · Replacement of the following work animation cartoon
    · Fixed learning and Famain's machine learning setting
    - Fixed an issue where HP numbers may be displayed overlapping on handheld screens
    · Fixed a mistake in Pokemon center map script
    - Fixed the problem that the technical effect of assist power was not functioning normally
    · Implemented emergency measures on wide-ranging issues
    · Point-up bug fixes Case of leakage in PC was fixed

    · Fixed a problem that Pokerz effect is effective only when forced casting and power system items are possessed
    - Fix pallet illeact problem of trainer card
    · Point-up bug correction
    · Key points Review probability of activation (based on the 7th generation)
    · Corrected missing introduction skill animation
    · Psycho burn skill animation replacement
    - Fixed the problem that there was an incomplete specification of the total number of egg skills and some Pokemon could not be genetically engineered.
    · Reviewing technical scripts of some techniques
    · Fixed problem that no guard becomes effective
    · Fixed a problem that the poison type requiring effect was not effective
    - Fixed the problem that the skill power of drowning was only illegal in Denebu
    · Ibaru · Ninja · Technique specification of seven generations 7 generations
    · Change of description of poison leaf

    · We confirmed the existence of moving pictures to expose incomplete data by using cheat, so strengthen tightening a little
    → If it recurs, we will continue to strengthen it in phases in the future
    → If there is nothing to do in the future, I will relax and look at the fold

  8. Replies
    1. Is this helpful? Sorry, I don't know much about this hack. Maybe someone else here can help.

  9. How long until translations and possibly a Minus?

    1. Can't say. Translations probably won't start till the game is complete.

    2. Well, I'm still playing through Vega so I can wait. I glitched up my last save with a whole lotta cheats.

  10. These hacks look so cool a shame there is no english patch.

  11. Replies
    1. You could try FireRed JP cheats but no guarantee.

  12. A ver cuando le dan la gana de terminar el juego de procyon dened porque vamos me quedao en el ginnasio 6

  13. to the people asking for an English patch -- chill.

    There is some good news to this; Dr. Akimbo has ported Altair/Sirius/Vega all to a proper English rom now.
    He has also figured out how to get the Poketab, pause menu, and new Pokedex into a vanilla Firered rom -- which has, in his words, "shaved off eight months of development".
    It means that once these games have been finished in Japanese, we may see an English version of the games much sooner.

    As for my personal opinion; I'm hoping for the aftergame to be another region or something (kind of like the Sevii Islands, small but a decent amount of content). I'm not so fond of the generic battle facility stuff -- but the Mirage System in Vega was pretty good, and Alto Mare in A/S was a nice little twist.

    Anyway, that's all for now, I'm just as excited to play these games in English as you guys are -- because playing a game I can't read is kind of tough, though I've learned what a lot of the moves are now.

  14. Some1 plz do an english translation of this and deneb

  15. Bonjour je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un sa quoi faire après battu la sixième arène car je suis bloqué et je sais pas se qu'il faut faire pour me débloquer

    1. Bonjour. ce jeu est incomplet. Je pense que la version actuelle est longue de 6 salles de sport, donc vous l'avez peut-être terminée. (Google Translate)

    2. Is this hack still being worked on?

  16. Almaria has to be in again !

  17. It’s 2020, where’s the update?


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