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Version: Release 2

Updated: May 31, 2018

pokemon metallic


(Release 2)


Name: Pokemon Metallic
Type: GBC
Hack of: Gold
Language: English


This hack was meant to recreate the Pokemon Gold experience without changing it drastically. The point was to "correct" some aspects of the game and make the game a bit more exciting with some new features. Most editing went into the evolutions, stats and move changes, but a lot of work went into the map revamping and the wild Pokemon encounters/ Trainer changes as well.


  • Revamped maps
  • New evolutions (e.g. Remoraid to either Lapras, Mantine, or Octillery).
  • New starters- Goldeen, Voltorb, Sandshrew
  • All HM's aren't necessary
  • Trade evolutions through stones
  • Wild Pokemon/trainers have been edited
  • Moves have been edited
  • Over 100 Pokemon have had their movesets, types, stats, or evolutions edited
  • "Twin" Pokemon, which share the same base stats (e.g. Ninetales and Arcanine)
  • Increased difficulty


pokemon metallic screenshot 1 pokemon metallic screenshot 2 pokemon metallic screenshot 3 pokemon metallic screenshot 4 pokemon metallic screenshot 5 pokemon metallic screenshot 6 pokemon metallic screenshot 7 pokemon metallic screenshot 8 pokemon metallic screenshot 9 pokemon metallic screenshot 10





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  1. "I have completely finished up until the Indigo Plateau and have already revamped almost all the maps for Johto. All that's left is to edit the trainers and wild Pokemon." -baylorknight

    1. How you evolve Zubat and Sandshrew?

    2. Sorry, I'm not sure. You might wanna try asking on the Pokecommunity thread.

  2. Replies
    1. Not sure. It might be but the creator said he hasn't changed the Johto maps yet.

    2. Almost! It’s playable after the Plateau and you can get a few more badges. You CAN look through the rest of it, but the trainers and wild Pokémon haven’t been edited for that region yet and not all maps are done. Especially not after the last gym I edited. :p

  3. Release 2:
    - A few mapping changes
    - The game is now playable past the Pokemon League
    - Balanced out the beginning of the game
    - Mud Slap's accuracy lowering rate was fixed to 10%
    - Changed the wild Pokemon encounters early along

  4. Hey guys! There’s some new images up on pokecommunity that show the game in better light. It’s playable after the Plateau and you can get a few more badges. (Keep in mind that this region isn’t revamped yet other than maps, a few gyms and a few trainers. Wild Pokémon haven’t been changed and I need suggestions.)

    Thanks so much for posting this :) I was worried that this hack would die.

    1. Sweet!

      I saw your post on Pokecommunity, and it's unfortunate that you're losing motivation. The thing I've noticed is that, on release, lots of people check out the hack. From there it either becomes a "classic" or the popularity just fizzles out with time. This is especially tough on "improvement" hacks that don't make any dramatic changes such as changing the story. And on this site in particular, GB/GBC hacks don't get as much attention as GBA ones. It also doesn't help that a majority of people are just interested in finding the download link and then getting the heck out (without coming back to provide feedback).

      I would suggest starting threads on these sites to help garner interest-
      Silph Co.
      Safari Zone

    2. I genuinely appreciate your comment and I’m gonna try and continue to work on it. And you’re right. :)
      Thanks again for posting here.

      Also, if you can, let me know if it has any downloads on the links provided. :)

    3. Someone noticed a glitch with the guy in green by Falkners gym. He walks you into the walls and the only way out is thru gameshark walk thru walls cheat. Be careful guys. :)

    4. Sure, but the numbers can be pretty misleading. This is because a majority of the "clicks" come from bots which aren't really people. The Mediafire link has ~300 clicks and the Google Drive one, around 200. Given the lack of comments here, the numbers are likely a little out of whack..

      Something I noticed is that on your Pokecommunity thread, the download links and screenshots are in the attachments section. This means that people not logged in won't be able to download the hack, or even see the screenshots (try opening your thread in an incognito tab). This might be discouraging to some, cause if you look at the stats on Pokecommunity, the number of "guests" is significantly greater than the number of users. I'm probably overthinking it, but yeah..

      And again, making posts on the websites I mentioned, especially Reddit, will definitely help.

    5. Thank you for your help :)

  5. If any of you are interested in voting for my poll and you’re a part of PokeCommunity, it’s up on the link provided above by the OP. :)

  6. It's Cool.
    Just pretty amazing
    Love it's character play and Everything.
    Keep On the Good Work
    And Make other part of it to As soon as possible.

    1. Thank you so much :) I’ll get back to working on it soon :p. There’s not too much left to do but I’ll keep everyone updated

  7. Could I use this hack to modify the Pokémon sprites and change them to the 5-7 generation ones, in addition to changing the tiles?

    I speak Spanish, I regret my English grief

    1. If you’re asking to use my hack as a base for your hack I’m gonna have to say no. This is my first project and it’s barelt gotten any attention yet as it’s not even finished.

  8. Also wanted to add that all the edited moves have 100% accuracy.

  9. Replies
    1. Don't think so, but I found this-
      "Since this game takes place before the special/physical split (see below for types), pokemon stats are designed around their types. (i.e. Gengar was a special attack based Pokemon, but ghost (ironically) was considered a physcial attack type, so naturally, I gave Gengar more attack)

      Physical Types: Normal, Rock, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Ghost, Bug, Flying, Steel
      Special Types: Water, Fire, Electric, Ice, Dark, Psychic, Dragon, Grass"


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