Pokemon Ultra Blaze

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Version: Beta 1.1

Updated: May 10, 2018

pokemon ultra blaze


(Beta 1.1)


Name: Pokemon Ultra Blaze
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


The story revolves around Solgaleo, the Blazing Legendary Sun Pokemon of Alola Region. Team Flare, being the evil group organization of Kalos Region heard about the spreading news that Solgaleo has come to Onalowa Region. After having lots of research, they had discovered that this Pokemon has an overwhelming Power of Flame, the Team quickly went off to Onalowa Region to capture the Legendary Pokemon.

But Lysandre has an evil plan, he wanted Solgaleo to exceed more Flame! He wanted an undefeatable Power! He wanted an Ultra Blaze!!! So he started researching about this Ultra Power, the power of the Ultra Sun!! He did this to become the most Powerful Pokemon Trainer on Earth... That's why Lusamine, the President of the Aether Foundation, also took off to Onalowa Region to stop Lysandre and his gang.

Lusamine asks you for help. She wants you to look for the Legendary Moon Pokemon and activate its Ultra Moon Power to stop Lysandre. Can you save the Onalowa Region from the hands of Team Flare? Well, only you can answer...


  • New region
  • Gen 7 Pokemon + Ultra Beasts and Alolan Forms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Custom graphics
  • Rideable Pokemon
  • Ash Greninja


pokemon ultra blaze screenshot 1 pokemon ultra blaze screenshot 2 pokemon ultra blaze screenshot 3 pokemon ultra blaze screenshot 4


Tom301 AirXD Callosa



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  1. Not sure how long the beta is. If anybody plays this, let us know.

    1. The game has 3 gyms and after beating Gladion/Rival in route 5 Beta Ends

    2. Hello guys can I ask a question is there a complete version of this gba file??

    3. I'm huge fan of Pokemon and I really want to this game because this gba file looks like awesome so plss can you I there a complete version of this game

    4. As of now, this is the latest version. You will have to wait for an update.

    5. Looking forward to the complete version of this Rom thanks knuckles

    6. Bro is this hame completed now?

    7. Hasn't been updated in over a year.

  2. only one city at first, no gym, and not many pokemon

    1. You sure? Because the Youtube video above has comments like-
      "The 1st Gym Leader was Hard"
      "Where to go after beating the second gym?? Please Help!!"

  3. This needs a lot of work. Add PSS split, a few more decapitalizations, if possible, 807 pokemon. I like the Mudsdale feature though.

  4. it dose have the first gym and the second one and a bit more altho my game glitched out in the big forest where u need cut so im not sure how much longer after the secend gym this game is

  5. Hey is there any good Complete or 8 gym tomorrow hack with good story

  6. 2 badges are obtainable in this game it ends in a city where there is a solgaleo statue at the centre

  7. Ends after beating 2nd gym

  8. I got Cosmog also and there are 3 gyms I beat the game and I found a bug in a forest after 2nd gym where if a wild pokemon appears in a certain area and then ur sprite gets bugged and u cant move

  9. Seem like the ride pokemon have a bug it keep crashing when I look at the key button.

  10. Replies
    1. Sorry, couldn't find any info.

    2. I want the dusk form tho...

    3. You can try getting in touch with the creator I guess.

  11. Replies
    1. Hey I want to ask some questions when will this be a complete....and how long it will take...and I really want this game to be more challenging.....and like like this get if it's like the blaze glaze because blaze glaze is one of the longest gba file I ever played..TY

    2. You can try contacting the creator by commenting on the Youtube video given above.

  12. There a secrete way at the left

  13. I'm posting some information here, because this is a hack I have tested, which isn't from pokecommunity, and enjoy it a lot.

    Q: How do I evo rockruff and charjabug?
    A: Unforntunatly, there's a bug due to incomplete poke info in this beta. The creator has not implemented a way for either to evo at this, from what I've tested.

    Q: Why can't I evo Pichu, Beldum, Ralts, Aron, and some others?
    A: This is more that likely due to a dex bug. Some of the pokes, in Ultra Blaze, were original introduced in R/S/E. The creator did not implement this to fire red's standard pokedex as of yet.
    - This is the reason why those pokes in question also have dex number "????" on their summary page, also why you can't see them in standard pokedex after catching them.
    - Tbh, I haven't bothered using national dex cheat, to confirm if evolution is unlockable. This beta is only goes a little beyond 3rd gym, so it's kinda irrelevant in this case. Also, this beta does have a good deal of complications with incomplete info and just the dex itself in this game... so, using national dex cheat may futher complicate other issues in the game.

    Q: Who's that girl character who suddenly appears whenever I return to home town and always refuses to talk to me?.. then suddenly disappearsafter I enter then exit a building?!?
    A: Lol I honestly don't know who she is... my guess is Lillie though, and was not given any scripted line yet. xD

    Q: Why does my look funny when running?
    A: Don't worry, it's nothing game breaking. I played the "moon girl" in all my runs thus far. She looks funny while running because her base sprite used to make "moon girl" is actually Emerald's May. A few things in this hack were adopted from R/S/E, including some tiling, why some areas in the game oddly look like an oversized secret base.

    Q: Where's TOM 301 AIR XD?!? Has he abandoned this project and his You Tube page?!?
    A: Oh I have my doubts he abandoned he abandoned his project. Please try understand he does have a life, and a busy one on top of that. I highly doubt, when he put all this time and effort, just to make You Tube spoiler vids for it (while working on it), that he would ever abandon his work at this point.
    Also, it takes an extreme amount of time and care to create a rom hack, in some cases... even years for completed polished up game. Please be patient, there are some many other rom hacks you can play in the meantime, to occupy your time. :)

    1. Rockruff evolves from moonstone or sunstone


    "Glitched Forest"- Game Breaking
    (At least 2 or 3 pokemon related bugs & a tiling bug)

    ~ Avoiding Game Break, Glitched Forest:


    You Will Need-
    (I recomend copy/paste function to ensure codes are exact.)

    ~ Master Code (M) Fire Red USA

    72BC6DFB E9CA5465
    A47FB2DC 1AF3CAB6

    GameShark v3
    (Action Replay)

    ~ 4.1 DMA Disable
    (after master code, input this code then enter a different area to prevent game from crashing)

    8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2
    78DA95DF 44018CB4

    GameShark v3
    (Action Replay)

    ~ Repels
    (you will need to use them when navigating through glitched forest, while using both Master Code and DMA Disable.)

    ~ Everything for a Dollar *optional*
    (to save you money on buying those repels)

    3C25A344 FD8F451C
    AD86124F 2823D8DA

    GameShark v3
    (Action Replay)


    1) Before entering glitched forest after second badge, stock up on repels! If you want to do this for cheap, Input: Everything for a Dollar, in emulator cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.
    ... a) Enter store and buy at least a dozen of them (better to have more than you need).
    ... b) Disable cheat after buying repels.

    2) Once you get to entrance of glitched forest
    ... a) Enter forest, Input: Master Code (M), in emulator cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.
    ... b) Exist forest with Master Code still enabled, Input: 4.1 DMA Disable, in emulator cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.
    ... c) Re-enter forest with *Both* codes enabled.

    3) While navigating through glitched forest (with 2 precious codes enabled), make sure you use repel!
    * One of those things in that forest is a glitched up mon or complete missingno, and Not the harmless kind we all know of from first gen.
    * Running into battle with one in this forest will make your character freeze -or- cause complete game freeze.

    4) After exiting glitched forest, Disable codes in the following order: DMA, M.

    NOTE: With any game involving "Glitched Forest", *NEVER USE* walking through walls.

    ... I Hope This Helps.

  15. Although it's apparent in Ultra Blaze, "store" would be the mart attendant standing in front of PokeCenter desk.

  16. Replies
    1. In case you don't get a reply soon, try asking on the Youtube channel linked above.

  17. Can any one tell me which rom has 7 generations pokedex entries in English

  18. you over powered the enemy's i had to level my Pokemon to level 20 or higher just to get passed team flare to get to the third city -_-

  19. Replies
    1. It hasn't been updated recently as far as I know.

  20. Trying not to be too critical
    but damn.
    Art styles clash left and right, overworld sprites don’t match the overall environment either, but its not terrible

  21. whenever i open the bag to a compartment other than items, it makes a horrible noise and freezes

  22. Can we ride any pokemon except mudsdale?

  23. Is it updated / finished? Haha fudge this community lockdown brings me back in playing pokemon lol


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