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Pokemon Kalos Crystal

Download Patched Pokemon Kalos Crystal Rom

Version: 29th April, 2019 update

Updated: April 29, 2019

pokemon kalos crystal


(29th April, 2019 update)

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Name: Pokemon Kalos Crystal
Type: GBC
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English


Kalos Crystal is a sequel Unova Red. This is a re-imagining of Generation 2, where the first generation of Pokemon were the Unova Pokedex, and the new second generation Pokemon are the Kalos Pokedex. This game features all Pokemon from generations 5 and 6, and like in Unova Red, all Pokemon in the Pokedex are obtainable within a single playthrough.

Aside from the new Pokemon, the game functions primarily the same as the original. The biggest difference is the inclusion of Fairy types. This game also adjusts the type matchup chart to the modern chart first used in Gen 6. All new attacks added into Unova Red are still here, as well as several new attacks to fill out the new Fairy type, as well as add some signature moves to Gen 6 Pokemon, and simply flesh out some underrepresented types. An equivalent number of moves were removed from the game as well, mostly signature moves of Gen 1 & 2 Pokemon, or simply moves that did not fit well with the Gen 5 & 6 Pokemon.

Like in Unova Red, all standard trade evolutions have been changed to standard level-up evolutions, and some of the stone evolutions were modified as well. All Gen 5 Pokemon evolve identically to how they did in Unova Red. A full list of evolution methods can be found in the spoiler logs.

Some TMs have been altered, and a full list can be found in the spoiler logs. Notably, like in Gen 2, TMs are still only one time use. Also, like in Gen 2, moves are still classified as Physical or Special based on type. The only exception (as in Unova Red) is that Ghost is classified as SPECIAL, while Dark is classified as PHYSICAL. Also, the new Fairy type is classified as SPECIAL.


  • Pokedex includes Gen 5 & 6 Pokemon
  • Fairy-type
  • New moves added, replacing some old ones
  • Ghost is SPECIAL, Dark is PHYSICAL
  • Some evolutions changed
  • New Pokemon encounters/gifts






  1. Is there any storyline or map changes on this hacks...?

  2. I believe Tympole's backsprite is glitched. The way you get Tympole is fishing at Route 31...

  3. Also the Audino's front sprite is glitched too...

  4. Is there Ash-Greninja or megas in this game?

  5. When will the egg you get from the professor's assistant hatch

  6. Pokemon with fairy and complete

  7. What time at Route 34 can you find Solosis?

  8. Replies
    1. GRASS: R10 (5%)
      TREE: R43 (20%), Lake of Rage (20%), R44 (20%)

      I've linked the relevant documents above so you can check them out without having to wait for me.

  9. Where can you find Klink and Ferroseed?

    1. Are you having trouble viewing the docs?
      GRASS: R13 (35%d,20%n), R14 (30%d,20%n), R15 (30%d,20%n)
      TREE: R29 (10%), R30 (10%), R31 (10%), R34 (10%), R35 (10%), R36 (10%), R37 (10%), R38 (10%), R39 (10%)

      GRASS: R10 (20%d,30%n)
      GIFT: From Mania (house in Cianwood City)

      (d or nothing is day, n is night)

  10. Does Floette evolve by high happiness? If not, how to evolve Floette?

  11. When people can't seem to read that this game remains UNCHANGED, except for pokemon replacement, TM changes and movesets. Can't y'all read the description for once? It says it RIGHT there!

    1. Tldr.
      Are there any changes other than dexmons to this hack?

    2. See the complete list of features mentioned on the Pokecommunity thread.

  12. What Pokémon hatches from the mystery egg? Is it the usual Togepi or something different?

  13. Replies
    1. Lv40. See the evolutions-movesets document given above.

  14. Why are the letters do big, I like the letters that are smaller, do you have any way to fix this?

  15. Replies
    1. I don't think so. There's My Oldboy for that.

  16. Y'all are dumb

    Like really dumb.

    Read the damn documents!

    1. sure that gen 5 and 6 attacks are in the game? I've been training my greninja for a long time and he has not learned water shuriken

    2. Only some of the newer gen moves have been added in. See the "evolutions-movesets" doc for what each Pokemon can learn.

  17. Where do you find a sun stone in this game


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