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Version: Phase 2

Updated: June 4, 2019

pokemon pulsar version


(Phase 02 Fixed)

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Name: Pokemon Jashin Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Over the past few years, crime has been steadily rising in the Durhanmo Region. As of such, a mysterious figure known as "Jashin" has been made into a deity by many of the residents of this region. Shrouded in perplexity, Jashin has apparently promised to rid the world of those who commit crime and leech off of the various governmental systems. "Jashin's will is absolute." "Jashin is God and God is Jashin." "Jashin will purge the world." "Defy Jashin and Perish"


  • New Region: Durhanmo
  • Expanded Pokedex (84 Pokemon from gens 4-7)
  • Newer gen moves (69 attacks from gens 4-7)
  • Pick Pocketing system
  • Physical/Special split
  • Custom Attack animations
  • Custom level-up movesets for all Pokemon
  • 21 Starter options
  • Reusable TMs
  • Forgettable HMs
  • New evil team: Jashinists
  • Custom Badge sprites
  • HMs do not require badges
  • Dusk stone, Dawn stone, Shiny stone added
  • Link Stone for trade evolution Pokemon



Gym Leader Ed




  1. Replies
    1. Sounds like a cool hack do you know how long the creator needs in order to finish this hack

  2. I want to play this but it is not complete and I don't want to spend lots of time on a pokemon game that may or may not finish ever because most pokemon hacks are like that

  3. I was just gonna download this file when I saw all the comments that this is not completed

  4. This is an OK hack IMO.
    - I LOVE the first gym puzzle
    - the PoGo callouts were pretty cool
    - the creator is experimenting with later gen Pokes
    - bad grammar/spelling
    - If the grunts have level 13 pokemon, don't give the admin a level 23
    - semi-edgy hack that isn't mentioned anywhere in the description

    1. The spelling is probably "wrong" because the author is Canadian. Spelling for words like color are colour and such.

    2. Also, I've since recalled the levels. The admin doesnt have a level 23 absol in phase 2. And I dont know how to respond to "edgy"

  5. Replies
    1. The creator uploaded a few videos on his channel, but I haven't checked them out.

  6. Phase 02:
    - New areas: Pickton Boardwalk, Route 002, Route 003, Route 004, Lakeview Forest,
    Jaxia Town, West Jashin Base, Jaxia Catacombs, Duffin Point.
    - 2nd Gym added

    For the rest, refer the docs above.

  7. Part 2 time!
    - The second Gordon fight is a MAJOR difficulty spike from what's seen so far. Toxic/Protect Gligar with Leftovers, Spore/Synthesis Tangela, and a Dragon Dancing Bagon with coverage. Chill out lol
    - No decent grinding spots for gym 2. I hate running around in the forest and hoping for a 3% Scyther encounter to give me a crap ton of EXP
    - The first gym leader is shown with a Yanmega next to him, but his ace is a Yanma.
    - I didn't play past gym 2 because I kept getting OHKO'd by Milotic's Scald (Scald Milotic in gym 2 LUL)

    1. Hey did you check out the west jashinist base? Also defeating Gordon is pretty easy if you catch a clauncher. They learn icy wind at a low level. Also with yanmega, Chase makes it clear that the team hes fighting you with isn't his full power team. Yanmega doesn't take part in the battle because it's his strongest pokemon. I thought it would be neat to explore that aspect of the gym leader. Nadia has azuril in her gym because she thinks they're cute. Also I've thought about nerfing nadias gym, but if you havnt beatrn the west jachinist base, it might not be as hard as you initially thought. There was a glitch stopping people from entering that area but it's been fixed with the latest update. Phase 2.1. You can download it from the original drop box folder that I uploaded on gym leader ed (my youtube channel) thanks for playing

    2. No I didn't do the west jashinist base. I'll check it out, thanks

    3. No worries. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know how the gym goes after that. I'm working on phase 03 right low which is going to open up a better spot to train in the east.

  8. I'm confuseds do I need to play jashin first or this pulsar is the same game with a different name

    1. Jashin was "name not final" pulsar is the official name

  9. Same game manzafaka get a grip it says in description ffs

  10. Is anyone else having the issue of not being asked to switch pokemon after a KO?

    1. That is not a glitch. I implemented it on purpose. This is not supposed to be an easy game. That being said, I'm also not trying to make it full on dark souls either. It's been really hard for me to scale the game to everyone's liking. One person tells me one battle was a joke and the next tells me its impossible. Problem is that people who generally have an easier time are better st building their teams. Alot of people complaining about certain battles likely haven't taken the time to check out which mons are catchable in the wild.

  11. So imbalance asf!!! Are you serious right? I literally train and train only to get whipped out easily. Like wtf!? On the first gym!?! Come on!!! A yanma with a Dragon Breath!? Is the creator high on weed? If it's going to be challenging on the first gym, why not create a place to grind?

    1. Yanma is a dragonfly hence the use of dragon moves. You're the first person to ever tell me chase is too hard lol. Are you playing phase 2? Did you find DUFFINS POINT? you can grind there

    2. If you're still having trouble, catch a geodude, onix or rhyhorn in DUFFINS TUNNEL. Chases jolteon is completely useless against it and his other two pokemon are weak to rock. You're gonna have a hard time if you expect to win every battle with just your starter. Also clefairy is catchable on R1 and it is immune to dragon.

  12. Imagine complaining about how hard a pokemon game is, the rom hack is supposed to have increased difficulty compared to the regular games, get gud

    1. Lol I want my rom hack to be challenging. Lol thanks for the input

  13. Does this game has a mega evolution


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