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Pokemon Saffron

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Saffron Version Rom

Version: Demo v1.1

Updated: May 3, 2019

pokemon saffron


This is not the official site for this ROM hack, and the links below are likely out-of-date. You are highly encouraged to download this hack directly from Pokecommunity.


(Demo v1.1)


Name: Pokemon Saffron Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Azira is a dense region in South America that is home to many species of Pokemon while they migrate across the globe. Once every decade, a majority of the migration paths sync up and cause the region's Pokemon population to skyrocket! This event is known as the Great Migration. Trainers, gym leaders, professors, and adventurers come from far and wide to experience this grand event.
Your family is from the Hoenn region, where your brother ventured out to become a Pokemon master! Now it is your turn. You and your mother have moved to Haba island, a small landmass located just off the coast of the mainland. Upon arriving, Professor Oak recruits you to help him with his studies. He believes the migration paths are directly related to the behavior of legendary and mythical Pokemon, and needs your help to collect data for his research on this phenomena.
Explore Azira while you discover the secret to the migration routes, uncover Team Rocket's nefarious plan, and encounter some familiar faces along the way!


  • A variety of Pokemon from every generation
  • Updated stats, movesets, cries, evolutions, and sprites
  • Physical/Special split
  • Over 100 moves and abilities from later generations
  • Reusable TMs
  • BW Repel system
  • Fairy-type
  • Field move system replaces HMs
  • Mega Evolution
  • Updated graphics
  • Day and night system



mattymannnn, tonyboy, Wichu, ZodiacDaGreat, LU-OH, HackMew, Jambo51, JPAN, FBI, KarateKid552, Spherical Ice, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Diegoisawesome, Magicscarf, WesleyFG, Kleenexfeu, HunterCrash, Dragonflye, Dante, Seiyouh, Pey!, Shawn Frost, Zein Zeo, MrDollSteak, Shiny Quagsire, Touched, Daniils, Delta231, Esperance, Joexv, Avara, Darthatron, Mastermind_X, Mwksoul, Squeetz, Lunos, Ruff, Petuuuhhh




  1. Replies
    1. Great job can you also add pokemon inscription of heaven! It looking good but it is japanese/chinese.

    2. It's in Chinese. From what I can see, that hack hasn't been updated in a while. Also I was unable to patch the hack cleanly so there could be some issues caused by that. I've put it on the main list if you're still interested.

    3. Yes but charecter is gold so not good so change charecter ok but game nice

  2. Thanks for posting this quickly after release.

    1. No problem. I was actually much later than I wanted to be with this one; I happened to be super busy at the time of release.

  3. Abhay make an English version please as I only speak english

  4. Hhmm if it`s in the game, how I
    evolve my Eevee into Sylveon?

    1. Sylveon is in the game but I'm not sure about the evolution method. If the regular way doesn't work, try asking on the Pokecommunity thread.

    2. Asked a friend of mine who worked on the game, and they said to use a Shiny Stone. I'd suggest trying that.

  5. How to get mega ring or mega bracelet!

    1. The creator hasn't provided any info on this so I'm not sure. You can try asking on the Pokecommunity thread but there's a good chance that it isn't present in the current version.

  6. You honestly don't get enough credit for running this site. I like playing hacks on my phone and not having to patch them manually is so nice. It's also a great way of discovering new hacks that I otherwise might have missed!

  7. I'm stuck at the mountain after the first gym because rocks are in the way of a cave entrance, please help because my feeble little baby brain don't work too good.

  8. Replies
    1. Haven't played this but it seems like you don't need HMs anymore. Not sure how the new system works though. Please ask on the Pokecommunity thread.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. People do not discover hacks on sites like these; they see the PC threads and then go searching for pre-patched ROMs. The main thing to note is that the people visiting this site are not the type to patch ROMs themselves - either because they can't get their head around it or simply because they find it inconvenient. If not from here, they will visit one of the countless other places to get this ROM pre-patched (ex1, ex2). In fact this site is one of the lesser know ones and I'm surprised you found it.

  10. Replies
    1. No, the current demo should be around 3 Gyms along.


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