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Pokemon Swore & Shilled

Download Pre-patched Pokemon Swore and Shilled Rom

Version: v1.1 (Complete)

Updated: April 6, 2019

pokemon sword and shield




Name: Pokemon Swore and Shilled
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


So, one day, I went gambling. It was a nice time and all, but I lost all my money to the slots. But I got addicted. I knew, deep down in my heart, that, if I just tried for a little bit longer, I would get the jackpot. So I did what any sensible man would do...
I borrowed some money from the spanish mafia... And I blew it all at the slots. Now I'm broke and have the mafia breathing down my neck! I need to pay them 360.420 pesetas in 3 years, or I can say goodbye to my liver.
But how do I get the money on time? I'm too lazy to work for the money and my friends don't wanna associate themselves with the mafia... Is hope lost? Is this the last time we will hear about Manekimoney?
No! Fear not my fellow fans that don't exist! I have a perfect solution to this problem!
I can make crappy hacks! Gamefreak is about to release Pokemon Sword and Shield! You know what that means!?

That's right! I'm releasing Sword and Shield before Gamefreak does, so I can profit off the hype and the Pokemon brand and get all the cash monies, that don't rightfully belong to me!
You can now get a cheap knockoff that you might find funny or incredibly cringy, that was made in less than a month, because I needed to release something for April Fools experience Pokemon Sword and Shield, without buying the games! And did I say that it's free!? Because it's free!
And how am i getting a profit out off this? Well, when Gamefreak eventually issues a lawsuit towards my hack, I can win the lawsuit and become filthy rich! Perfect solution!


I have no FRICKin' idea. It's an incomprehensible mess, even if you can understand what the NPCs are saying. Something to do with IRISH people invading "not KANTO" and stuff.


  • 151 new poorly drawn Pokemon, including the horrific abominations that are supposed to resemble Sword and Shield starters!
  • A whole new Galar region to explore, that is definitely just barely edited Kanto, but cheaply renamed at certain spots, where I remembered to do it!
  • A whole new story that is a complete disgrace to the Pokemon franchise as a whole!
  • Some new definitively imbalanced moves and some rebalanced old moves and moves from newer generations!
  • Some new bad music
  • Not including Z moves, Mega Evolution, offical Pokemon,phsyical and special split and a battle frontier!
  • A whole Pokedex, catchable in a single playthrough
  • There are slight item changes like Revives being unusable in battle, cuz pansies like to spam Revives!
  • Tons of edited text except where I didn't feel like doing it!
  • Slightly or massively, depending on your preference increased difficulty that definitively didn't give me trouble, when I found out that my whole team is weak against the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of the region, that you see a bit in the late game, which resulted in having to replace a team member with a Pokemon, that could counter it. This might also be because I never grinded in my playthrough!
  • Your bike is now a car
  • A superboss if you catch 60 Pokimonseses after beating the Pokemon League and access to the last Pokemon in the regional Pokedex
  • Absolutely no changes to almost any route A completely redesigned map to looks pixel perfect, to the map in the Sword and Shield trailers!






  1. I kept the content as is to maintain the feel of the original post.

  2. What in the actually hell did i just witness

  3. Is it real shiled and sword game??? But Nintendo said this game come in june

    1. its an April Fools rom hack, plus no, nintendo said it'd come in End 2019
      not June

    2. What April fool's?
      I eaw to play shield version

  4. I really laughed so hard when reading the description and features.

  5. Replies
    1. The creator actually released a bugfix patch that makes Mistirious obtainable

  6. No physical/special split for real?

    1. His other hacks don't have it so this one probably doesn't either.

  7. Anybody finished the game, including the endgame puzzle after beating the superbosses? How do you solve the puzzle?

    1. You're unlikely to get an answer here. Your best bet is to ask on the Pokecommunity thread.

  8. Imagine playing Sword and Shield on an emulator

  9. Pesetas were a currency used in Spain before the Euro

  10. Knuckle San I know you're reading this is there any negative sides on this hack? Any bugs, any problems?

    1. I played it and I can say that there's no bugs that I remember. It's fully playable, and recommended, good hack.

    2. I would normally say wait for the real games but the real games won't even have the whole Pokedex so I'm not sure what to say

  11. People are more likely to play GBA rom hack versions of Sword and Shield than buying the game because the National Dex isn't in there

    1. Someone might make a hack of S&S with the whole Dex (if switch hacking becomes a thing)

    2. Or a rom hack of Fire Red with Sword and Shield Pokemon

  12. Pokemon Emerald with Sword and Shield Pokemon

  13. Imagine wanting to own Sword and Shield

  14. There are Switch emulators for Sword and Shield rom hacks

  15. Any GBA versions of Sword and Shield for those without a Switch?

    1. Nah, best case we'll see a hack with the new mons in the coming months.

    2. Just get a switch and the games it's only 300$!!!

      Or use a computer with yuzu or the other emulator with the weird name to emulate them

  16. Imagine thinking that Sword and Shield will brick your Switch

  17. Good hack and I appreciated the creation and content of the hack. But the NEW pokemons aren't that good and the display model of the Pokemons.


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