Pokemon Nature Red

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Version: v0.9

Updated: May 5, 2019

pokemon nature red




Name: Pokemon NatureRed
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Many routes in FireRed, are, quite frankly, boring. Whether it's Route 8 being a simple linear path with a garden in the middle, or Route 5 literally being a straight road with nothing but a day care center, a majority of the locations lack the rawness and adventure of nature. This hack aims to put a spin on the more civilized, town feel of the routes, and creates more rugged, varied environments to traverse on your Kanto adventure. There are now many jungles, rivers, and ruins to be discovered and explored.


  • More rugged, varied environments to traverse on your Kanto adventure
  • Many Pokemon have had their stats rebalanced
  • Trade evolution Pokemon now evolve at level 47
  • Certain event legendaries are now available in-game
  • Some Pokemon have new typings







  1. v0.9:
    This hack is not yet a full release, but it is completely playable beginning to end, with minimal bugs and gives a good idea of what the final version will be.

    - Adding much, much more detail to the routes.
    - Physical / Special split
    - Reworking the Pokédex listing to represent the new Kanto dex.
    - New post game content involving Team Aqua and Team Magma on the Sevii Isles.
    - City editing for the purposes of aesthetics.
    - New areas in the Sevii Isles, where the weather trio can be found.
    - Adding the Faraway Island or creating my own custom Mew event
    - Adding a way to activate the BIRTH ISLAND event in-game, or creating my own Deoxys encounter.
    - Adding Latios and Latias as roamers.

  2. Is it normal for the game to freeze up when you get the Pokedex? Whenever I finish talking to oak when I give him his parcel the game just stops

    1. It's likely not normal. If possible, please report this to the creator via reddit.

  3. Ah okay, I mean I figured, I'm using my boy btw, if it's just the emulators issue or the game but I'll report it to the creator

  4. Pokemon meomun emerald is a new hack,can you add it knuckle san?

    1. Meomun? Did u mean moemon, there is indeed a new patch for Mormon emerald under name New Mormon Emerald..

    2. @Syah it's actually a pretty old hack and from what I can tell, it was made for April Fool's. I've put 2 and 4 on the main list; let me know if they're any good and I'll make pages for them.

      @kristianto got a link?

    3. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/71562-ips-mega-moemon-firered-2019-115-april-update/

      He mix it at here, you need read description or you can use Ctrl + F "New Mormon Emerald"

  5. Replies
    1. It's seems only feature hack so probably have no change in starter..

  6. I have same problem when i get pokedex the game froze... I'm using John gba and gameboid and those have same problem 😏

  7. There's no point to play this if the game freezes after obtaining the pokedex for every emulator

  8. It appears the game is broken on Android emulators only. I'd suggest waiting until the dev updates the hack before attempting to play it using one.

  9. Hey,is it just me that the completed gba room hacks lists never change?

    1. Yeah, not a lot of hacks have been completed recently.

  10. Hmm so I picked this hack because it says trade pokemon evolve on lvl 47, so I got Graveler, Kadabra and Haunter... made them all lvl 50 and none of them evolved. :( .... so I guess that was a fckin lie. Maybe delete that info from the Features.


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