Pokemon Lugia's Ocean

Download Patched Pokemon Lugia's Ocean Rom

Version: Complete Version

Updated: October 15, 2019


Name: Pokemon Lugia's Ocean Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


An older ROM hack dumped from a physical cartridge by Pokemoner.com. Possibly a translation of a Spanish ROM hack.


  • New region


Gary, Pokemoner.com




  1. Its completed as it says on pokemoner.coms site

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    1. Nidoran(f) Growlithe and bagon.( I'm late af)

  3. Y does Infinite Rare Candles cheat not work w my boy emulator

  4. Heres the cheat for u CodeJunkies.co.uk Navigation

    GameShark Codes for Pokemon FireRed
    Pokemon FireRed Version GameShark Cheat Codes For Nintendo Game Boy Advance

    Master code must be activated first, then enable any of the other codes.

    Master Code
    000014D1 000A
    10044EC8 0007

    Rare Candies

  5. I posted this small scathing review of the hack on Pokemoner's Youtube channel. I'll post it here. DO NOT PLAY THIS HACK.

    This is a bad hack, the fact somebody sold this for money is sickening. Sinnoh Pokemon just act as sprite replacement for Kanto Pokemon. For example, the Piplup line has the exact same stats and typing as the Squirtle line, meaning Empoleon is pure Water instead of Water/Steel, and they have the Squirtle line's moveset. There aren't that many Sinnoh Pokemon in the first place. I'm currently on the buggy Route 9 and have only encountered Starly in the wild. There's a weird Piplup encounter that you can trigger by talking to the fat man in Valle Nevado, and a trainer on Route 9 has a Chimchar. Braun, the only modified gym leader I've seen, has the Turtwig line in his team. That's right, you have to battle a level 14 Torterra, that makes a lot of sense. This game just has superficial map changes, not changing the boundaries set by FRLG. I think the best way to play this hack would be to use a Walkthrough Walls cheat, if they even work. Otherwise you're at risk of triggering a situation where your character can't move forward. Route 9 is the biggest example of that. If you try to get into the Valle Gigante gym early, you get bounced back to a tile that stops your movement. You can't move anywhere. Look, I know this hack is really old, from 2008 apparently, but bad game design is bad game design. The fact it's just regular Fire Red in overall gameplay doesn't help either. Pretty much when you move past Ciudad del Portland, the game is just Kanto with a tropical makeover, and just a shuffling of the buildings, often making things look chaotic. Too many patches of grass put together randomly. Unnecessary warps, like on Route 11.

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  6. Finished the hack. It's not a new region, it's just reworked Kanto, especially from Cerulean City onward. Look at the map, when things are not renamed, they're pretty much the same with terrible map design in an attempt to make them look different.

    Horrible hack, should've never been released. $75? Fuck that. I'm sorry for cursing, but fuck this hack. Hacksrepairman can't fix this, it should just be scrapped. Orange Islands does the tropical locale a million times better. The gameplay is not unlike regular Fire Red, and now I can say for sure that the only Gen 4 Pokemon are the starters and the Starly line.

    I hate this hack. Worst Saturday of my 2019.

  7. For rare candies i use johngba

    Gameshark v3 : 77DB5497 D7EE8C96

  8. https://www.supercheats.com/gameboyadvance/pokemon-firered/13002/rare-candies/ this is where I got my rare candy cheats as I use myboy paid and works

  9. I won't be locking the comments section but I will be removing all comments that are not about the hack or feature obscenities or are unhelpful to future viewers in general. I apologize as many of the comments were done in good faith.

  10. Well u should have a word with u knw who cant mention name but I think u knw who im talking about as it upsets me when that person starts with comments as we all enjoy the rom hacks just him that ruins it

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  13. Okay, I will be locking this thread after all.. before things get out of hand again. To conclude, this is not a well done hack, and if you need any help progressing, maybe reach out to Judas on Pokecommunity (link).