Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials

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Version: v1.2/Infernal v1.0

Updated: March 31, 2021

Download Infernal Pit of 100 Trials

(Normal v1.0)

Download Infernal Pit of 100 Trials

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Download Pit of 100 Trials

(Normal v1.2)

Download Pit of 100 Trials

(Double v1.2)


Name: Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


This hack takes the concept that was introduced in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where there is a challenge area (The pit of 100 trials). There, you have to battle 100 different enemies that appear all throughout the game, with progressing difficulty and it has a superboss and a reward at the end.
In this hack you can easily get yourself any team of Pokemon you want, EV train them almost instantly and battle 100 battles that represent the progression throughout Fire Red. For example, you start with battling Bug Catchers, then you battle Youngsters, then Brock, then Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moon, then Nugget Bridge trainers, etc.
Of course these trainers are only the same by the type of Pokemon they use. Their Pokemon are all level 100 and can be from any Generation from 1-3.
You battle these types of trainers up to a certain point. The final 10 trainers are all a bit more special.


  • 2 versions of the hack: a Normal version and the Double battles version
  • 100 level 100 trainers to battle in a row
  • All "balanced" fully evolved Pokemon easily catchable + some non-fully evolved ones
  • Easy EV training (just give 4 vitamins of a single type to max out a single stat)
  • Move Tutor that can teach almost any non-TM move
  • Buy the items you want for the pit with limited money. Spend carefully!
  • A loss is a GAME OVER!
  • A different story. A barebones one, but a story nonetheless
  • With the hack releasing close to Easter, of course it has to have an easter egg
  • You get more money to buy items in the Double battle version, since it can be quite harder at times

Infernal vs Original

Playing the original Pit of 100 Trials first is advised (but not necessary), as it teaches the player on how the entire concept of a pit of 100 trials works.
"Infernal Pit of 100 Trials" is a alternate version of the normal "Pit of 100 Trials", with the main focus of the hack being an increased difficulty. It has the bugfixes, grammar fixes and quality of life changes that were introduced in the 1.2 patch of the original hack. It fixes some of the more severe exploits of the original hack, changes opponent teams to be more dangerous and evens the playing field between the opponent pokemon and player pokemon.
This hack is mainly targeted to people who enjoyed the original Pit of 100 Trials and want an alternative challenge. Due to the changes, some strategies are nowhere nearly as effective as they used to be, making the experience different enough to not fell the same in terms of teambuiliding and battling. The tips and the opponent team chart for the original hack may not apply for this version.



Manekimoney, mgriffin, Dr Fuji




  1. Please visit the Pokecommunity thread, which has a lot of extra information on the hack.

  2. The author is implying that my handsome anime boyfriend Brock is weaker than rocket grunts??? Also have you heard of battle frontier?? This trash Mario series that I never liked didn't invent this mode. Pass

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  4. I'm having a problem with the normal (Google Drive) download link on this one, where I'm redirected to a new page and am informed of a 403 error (apparently that I don't have access).

  5. It got updated to 1.1 to remove Unown from the hack, they apparently caused a crash when you encounter them.


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