Pokemon Peridot

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Version: Demo 2.05

Updated: May 5, 2021


(Demo v2.05)


Name: Pokemon Peridot
Type: GBC
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: Sea Tree


Pokemon Peridot takes place in a new, yet-unnamed, region and this first demo will take the player up to the fourth gym. The story is going to be contained within small sidequests that are not necessary to progress within the game. The ones featured in this demo revolve around a group of burglars who have been stealing items.


  • A brand-new region to explore
  • Previously unused Pokemon from various points in Gold & Silver's development
  • Two rivals
  • Gyms can be completed out of order
  • Move Tutors are scattered around the maps
  • Every starter will be available through in-game trades
  • Gyms cannot be exited until the player beats the leader or whites out
  • No physical/special split
  • Dark was changed to be a physical type, and Ghost special
  • Added Fairy-type
  • Some modern moves
  • Movepools and stats updated to reflect modern generations.
  • Trade evolutions changed (max happiness or level-up + item)
  • Reusable TMs
  • Updated PC and Battle UI
  • Mystery Gift NPC that will give the player 3 items per day



Sea Tree, hyperdriveguy, coraldev, MayoRaptor, pfero, Rangi, FIQ, darsh, pret, Elko, /rheg/




  1. Sounds great. Good thing manza won't say anything bad since its a GBC ROM hack.

    1. Just try to ignore manza,
      things will be better.

    2. I don't like this anonymous person he must be a stalker if he thinks he really knows what I like and I don't have anything to say until I play this but lmao thanks for reminding me that beta tiger and making me laugh again

    3. Okay serious Unknown, I despise that parasite as much as you and 99% of this site's community does and I already fully exposed her big time in the Bronze 2 section, but please stop provoking the bear so often as the saying goes. Your not helping at all.

    4. You didn't expose anything loser and unknown & anonymous opinions & lives don't matter

    5. Sorry if I offended you.

    6. Oh shut the fuck up Manza, hope Knuckles gets his new site made soon so you'll no longer be tormenting the comments.

    7. Knuckle San can do it as a discord server . At least this pest will be out

    8. I bet when ever Manza fights someone in competitive she uses a team of 6 mega rayquazas like the clown she is.

    9. Does she even know there's a Pokémon called kyurem . Or does she know there's a Pokémon called xerneas

  2. This looks promising, cant wait for demo 2 onwards

  3. wtf the fakemon are on adventure red chapter! this sucks like totally

  4. Awww geez. I don't like it when you call me out. Deflect attack go. Nothing happens. Bieber stop your crying. Woman up like when you call others out on their tears. Thanks to knuckles great site. Gotta go eat out of a trash can over at Bieber's home in the garage dump. Fart your tears away homie.

    1. Ummm.. what ? What are you trying to tell?

    2. Low farting classJune 1, 2020 at 11:37 PM

      Shade hes just another one of those low grammar lozers and a hobo that picks up a trash so he can eat it.

    3. This anon's text is complete cancer

  5. This looks amazing! Those new tectures and updated mechanics definitely got me excited! I cant wait to see this finished

  6. June 2nd, 2020.
    The comments are still cancer.

    Knuckle-San, want to try something?

    I'll make a completely finished discord for you, with proper release-per-system (Gba, Gbc, fangames, etc) rules and text channels, see how you like it, then hand ownership over to you.

    You can use this to release the romhacks with a Google Drive/Mega/Mediafire link and a Readme for each game. Make an announcement here and sticky it, then export everything there and auto-ban Shade/Drake/Manza. Then bring in the Alt-Identifier bot to prevent them from rejoining.

    1. Yeah I don't really want to keep going with standing up to that truly genuine parasite anymore, so I'm in agreement with this idea.

    2. Truly appreciate the offer! It's just that at the moment I am super swamped with work and hardly get to spend half an hour a day maintaining this website as it is. Contrary to popular belief, my interest in rom hacks has dwindled, and my enthusiasm to keeping this going isn't what it used to be when I started this site back in school.
      Basically what I'm getting at is that I'd prefer to stick to this slower paced website for the time being. I am working on a replacement site on the side but that could take a while. Till then I apologize to the people who are unhappy with the current state of things.
      Thanks again for the offer though!

    3. Well nimbus , have you heard of multi ids

  7. Is there a way get Fly? I want to explore without worrying about going through caves all the time ahaha

    1. Apparently you get it from someone in Cianwood but I'm not sure if that's in the current demo. Try asking on the Pokecommunity thread.


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