Pokemon Sour Crystal

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon SourCrystal Rom

Version: v2.2

Updated: October 7, 2021




Name: Pokemon SourCrystal
Type: GBC
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: SoupPotato


This 'improvement hack' of Pokemon Crystal has been 5 years in the making, created with the mindset of updating Crystal to 'current-gen' standards but without losing the nostalgic feel of the original. The hack has many features that may make playing it more comfortable for newer players such as the "PPS" system (Pokeride).


  • 200+ new animated front sprites with updated palettes
  • Dark Type is now physical and Ghost is now Special (phys/spec split is NOT present)
  • Trade evolutions now evolve by 'using' said item or via using a 'Covenant Orb'
  • Updated movepools/basestats for many Pokemon that reflect up to Gen 8
  • Updated attacks/effects/basepower/accuracy that reflect up to Gen 8
  • Addition of routes 47/48 and cliff cave from HGSS
  • A somewhat different Yellow Forest taken from Polished Crystal
  • Kanto region has been expanded to 1:1 in size with its appearance in Gen 1
  • New Pokegear app allows the player to summon a specific pokemon to use HM moves in the overworld
  • Reusable TMs
  • Levels increased to be similar to HGSS' curve
  • Fruit Trees have been split into 'Berry Trees' and 'Apricorn Trees'
  • Kurt now gives the Player their finished Apricorn Balls immediately
  • Apricorn Balls now have their own unique palettes in battle
  • The Odd Egg now has a 50% of hatching a Shiny
  • Viridian Forest/Seafoam Islands/Cerulean Cave have been added from HGSS
  • Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo can now be obtained in the same locations as in HGSS



SoupPotato, Rangi, pfero




  1. Saw this on the PC Fourms, looks really good, probably the best way to play the original Crystal while having tons of modern day features.

  2. Finally I love Crystal and I hope manza is not here to ruin the fun for us

    1. I like how Manza just gives his/her direct opinion on the games. Most people show fake appreciation and stuff while Manza says what he/she feels. Even if it's bad, it's just fun to know everyone's opinion. And it's not like Manza is interfering with anyone's life, this is just an online thing, don't ruin it by cursing or making more people against a certain person. (I used he/she cuz I'm not sure about the gender sorry but i genuinely respect him/her as a human being)

    2. Then you must be extremely delusional in supporting that parasite. I'm saying no more and staying out of this for now on. I'm just here to appriciation the rom hacks.

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    1. Probably since it's a v 1.0

  4. guys guys guys can you stop arguing your only lowering yourself down so manza could get to you easier. even though it is that predictable you guys still get angry which is manzas goal so i suggest you guys get smart and stop.

  5. Wish there was a Pokémon location list.

    1. From what I’ve played so far it’s the same as crystal, so any crystal walkthrough should do. I use bulbapedia.

    2. Hey. I cannot find Totodile and Chikorita. Where are they and how do I find them?

    3. I think you best bet is to try and ask in the PokéCommunity

    4. It's open source so you can figure out the locations from here. It's not very readable but yeah..

  6. 1. Bitch please you don't know my goals, you aren't important and I don't need you to get mad or anything at all, disappear and I won't give a crap I'm here for the custom Pokemon games.

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    3. Im not a troll and like I said earlier you ain't important and I don't need your attention, in fact you people seem to need my attention which makes you trolls according to that logic? Just look at the posts, most of them are about me and not the hack before I even left a comment you people are obsessed!

    4. I don't have anything to say about this game you can see how trash it is just by looking at the creators name, a potato? Really? A potato will tell me how I need to play the legendary game made by Nintendo which doesn't need any stupid fan changes? 😠

    1. Manza, to everything you said: No U

    2. You have already stated a bunch of times you like the original games better. So what? At least give good criticism in the Pokecommunity page so the creator can know and fix the problems yoy have with it and if not, deal with it. I am tired of dealing with the same bullshit you deliver on a daily basis.

    3. The only suggestion I have for people making this type of hacks is to remove them from the internet and make something original and not to try to fix something that ain't broken instead of wasting their time and embarrass themselves in front of millions with such hacks

    4. After 5 years in the making, you gotta give some credit! Also people have different opinions on different things ;]

  7. Replies
    1. I like it so far. They increased the amount of apricorn trees like adding some in route 29 and 30. I can’t wait to see the other changes like the pager feature.

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