Pokemon Black & White 3: Genesis

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Version: 9th January, 2021 Demo

Updated: January 9, 2021


(9th January, 2021 Demo)

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Name: Pokemon Black & White 3
Type: GBC
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: Azure_Keys


Black and White 3: Genesis is intended as a further sequel to Black 2/White 2 Versions. It takes place in Unova, around 5 years following the events of B2/W2. In this game, you play as a young trainer from Humilau City, and will embark on a journey around the region to catch Pokemon, collect Gym badges, and thwart the plans of a mysterious group claiming to be Team Plasma, a terror group that was supposedly disbanded years ago.


  • 253 Pokemon available, selected from throughout the first 5 generations
  • 255 moves from throughout the first 5 generations
  • Physical/Special split on moves
  • Move power changed to fit Gen 5 stats
  • Fairy type added, and type chart adjusted to account for it
  • Various items from newer games
  • Reusable TMs
  • Trade evolutions changed to normal level-up, level-up with item, or stone evolutions
  • Reusable Repels



Azure_Keys, JaceDeane, Rangi, PiaCarrot, Bloodless, Bees, JaceDeane, Morlock, Luna, Mmmmmmmmmmm, FroggestSpirit, TriteHexagon, Regen, Solo993, FiQ