Moemon Bonds

Download Pre-Patched Moemon Bonds Rom

Version: Beta v1.0.2

Updated: May 15, 2021


(Beta v1.0.2)


Name: Moemon Bonds
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
Creator: Fantaseed


By the power of the whimsy MOEMON GODDESS, you - (an amnesiac and clueless MOEMON Latios berry-picker in your teens) - were given a hellish curse. In order to get rid of this curse, you must abide by her every will. She told you, you must go on a moemon POACHING journey and stop the chosen one at all costs. Though, you must also persuade and relieve the hearts of the many MOEMONS she said.
Tread the path of the white shadows. Form bonds with your MOEMON companions you had MOENAPPED?! Unveil mysteries and secrets in this world of modernized MOEMON. Be the rival and bar the chosen one's tracks.


  • New story
  • MOE Sidequests
  • Follow me events and minigames
  • Double MOEbattles galore
  • Exclusive MOE moves
  • Moemon character mugshots
  • New region/world
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy type
  • Some moves from gen 4+
  • Gen1-8 MOEMONS
  • EV-IV display screen
  • No more unlimited revives/potions in-battle)
  • Moemons SUMMONING moemons



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