Pokemon New Gold Era

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon New Gold Era Rom

Version: 18th May, 2021 Release

Updated: May 18, 2021


(18th May, 2021 Release)


Name: Pokemon New Gold Era
Type: GBC
Hack of: Gold
Language: English
Creator: ericgall23


The story dates about 100 years later after the original adventure of GSC. You’re in an “alternate” and futuristic Johto-Kanto region where urbanism has expanded drastically, and where nature suffers in many places!


  • Johto and Kanto have changed drastically! Discover these futuristic regions!
  • Your rival has a mysterious motivation… Discover it during your travel!
  • Houndour, Natu and Mankey as the starters
  • The Gyms are in a different order
  • Some new towers have been built, like the Flash Tower, the Tech Tower or the Tower of Defense
  • Many new wild areas to explore in Johto and Kanto
  • Some Gym leaders of Kanto have a second occupation: Brock owns the Pewter Museum, Misty has an harbor, Surge has a restaurant and Blaine…
  • Since it’s 100 years later, technology has evolved so much! Teleports and Hi-Tech buildings are omnipresents almost everywhere!