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Pokemon Emerald Hoenn & National Dex Editions

Download Patched Pokemon Emerald: Hoenn and National Dex Edition Roms

Version: Complete

Updated: July 13, 2018

pokemon emerald national hoenn dex edition


(Emerald National Dex Edition)


(Emerald National Dex Light Edition)


(Emerald Hoenn Dex Edition)


Name: Pokemon Emerald: Hoenn and National Dex Editions
Type: GBA
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English


Sort of like the Throwback or Ultra Violet to Pokemon Emerald. Instead of throwing in a difficult 500+ all Gen VII mechanic Pokefest, these adhere to fixing stuff and just making things available. Like it says on the tin: Hoenn Dex has all the Hoenn Dex, National Dex has all the National Dex. ND also has a "light" version that doesn't alter trainers, as the other basically just did replacements for the sake of making the added Pokemon look welcome. No damage split, no new moves, no new Pokemon. Just what you need to finish the game without hacking it yourself.

The Hoenn Dex Edition features only all the Regional Dex, Ferry Events, and Postgame in Emerald.
The National Dex Light has all 386 available but doesn't change anything else.
The full version of National Dex has Trainer loadouts switched around.


  • Improved Pokemon sprites, animations
  • Running indoors
  • RNG fix
  • Pomeg Berry fix
  • Decapitalization
  • Ferry Events work now
  • All Stones, Berries, TMs available at Battle Frontier’s PokeMart






  1. Hey knuckle can you patch this national dex version with all the optional patches for me

    1. It's not possible to use all the optional patches. Many of them are "either this or that" kind. Please let me know which patches you want and I'll apply them for you. It may take a while though, because I'll be busy the next few days.

    2. Can you please patch the graphical and rule change ones thanks again knuckle

    3. Okay, I've patched everything in those two folders except the starter changing ones. Link

    4. Could patch that rom with the missing move patches too

    5. If you can, can you patch the last one you made me before with kanto starter patch

  2. Replies
    1. Assuming you're playing National Dex (and I think it's the same for the others), the locations document above says it evolves by happiness at night.

  3. Mine does not go into night time will it effect hunters evo6

    1. The day and night patch is optional and not applied in the provided downloads. It's just a graphical thing, so as long as the time is correct (make sure to enable the Real Time Clock in your emulator if not), the evolutions should work properly.

  4. Hey Knuckle,

    Would you kindly patch a national dex full with sprite uncens., day n night, the full missing moves, new hidden power, and light balls? Thank you sir.

  5. Can you also patch the Hoenn Dex edition with the graphical, rule change and full move patch

  6. Could you give a version of the hoenn dex patch without the new sprites?

    1. Looks like that's not possible. From the FAQs:
      "-I don't enjoy the new Pokemon sprites, can you restore the originals?
      Sorry, but this isn't possible. This is for three reasons: the originals had slight imperfections that I could not correct no matter how hard I tried, when talking all 386 Pokemon this effort unifies them visually a lot better, and personally I feel the new ones are much better than Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald's."

  7. can u make a list for all evolutions


    1. Machoke, Graveler, and Kadabra evolve by happiness.
      Scyther evolves at level 26.
      Haunter evolves by happiness in the nighttime.
      Feebas evolves by happiness in the daytime.
      Onix evolves at level 45.
      Poliwhirl evolves to Politoed at level 35.
      Porygon evolves at level 24.
      Slowpoke (to Slowking) and Seadra evolve with Water Stone.
      Clamperl evolves via Happiness; Huntail at night and Gorebyss at day.


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