Pokemon FireRed 251

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Updated: September 17, 2019

pokemon firered 251


Name: Pokemon FireRed 251
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Originally used for testing scripts for a very old and long dead and buried patch, Fire Red 251 eventually became a hack that tries to be as low-key as possible with it’s modifications, while improving the game for the better. It's kinda able to be compared to Throwback, but there are very large differences. There are a lot of things it doesn't do that FR251 does and vice versa.


  • Some Gym Leaders altered
  • SelfDestruct has been restored on most normal battles
  • Running Shoes can be used indoors
  • Trainer Facing fix
  • All the first 251 available
  • Some less useful trades updated
  • A new “stone” has been created for trade evolutions
  • New item stores have been created, which sell Berries and Hold Items
  • Various minor Mart list changes
  • New Pokemon sprites
  • Decapitalization


Chronosplit, Jambo51, KDS, Darthatron, Hackmew, Spherical Ice, Sky High, MrDollSteak, diegoisawesome, daniilS, AmineX, SCD, ShadowOne333




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