GB/GBC Pokemon Rom Hacks List

GB/GBC Pokemon Rom Hacks List

This list is just a draft. Still requires cleaning up and rearranging.

Pokemon Blue Deluxe (DX) (Hard) (GB) (Beta 1.09 H4) (GD)
Pokemon Blue Kaizo
Pokemon Blue Upgrade (v2.0) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Bright Gold (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Bronze (v1.21) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Brown
Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! (English Fan Translation) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Christmas
Pokemon Cokemon (v1.3) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Cokemon Gold (v0.3) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Coral Version
Pokemon Crystal Calm Version
Pokemon Crystal Clear
Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Pokemon Crystal Leaf (v1.4) (MF)
Pokemon Crystal Version Emu Edition (v1.3b) (GD)
Pokemon Dark Energy
Pokemon Dark Graystone
Pokemon Diamond (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Emoras (v0.65) (KOR) (GD)
Pokemon Evo Yellow (v3.2) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Evo Yellow Eevee Edition (v3.2) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Factory Adventure
Pokemon Fresh Silver (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon God of Arena
Pokemon Gold Sinnoh
Pokemon Gold Spaceworld 1997 Demo Debug (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold Spaceworld Restoration (v2.1) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Gold Sunset Horizons
Pokemon Gold Version Emu Edition (GD)
Pokemon Gold Unova
Pokemon Grape (Demo 3.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Green {by Montblanc} (Patch 2.3) (English) (GD)
Pokemon Green {by ShaneM} (Rev D) (English) (GD)
Pokemon Impossible Crystal (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition
Pokemon Jade (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Kalos Crystal
Pokemon Karton (Completed) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Lavender (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Majora Crystal
Pokemon Metallic
Pokemon New Gold 2018 (GD)
Pokemon Opti-Y
Pokemon Orange
Pokemon Orb (Final 2012) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Perfect Crystal (1st March, 2019 update) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Periwinkle Version
Pokemon Pikachu Edition (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Pilar Xare (English Beta 0.5.1) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Pilar (Beta 4.5) (GBC) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Pinball Generations
Pokemon Pink (v1.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon PokeCrystal Demo (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Polished Crystal
Pokemon Prism (Summer 2010 Beta) {Older} (GBC) (GD)

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Pyrite (14-03-16 update) (GD)
Pokemon Red++
Pokemon Red: Battle Factory (v1.2) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red Deluxe (DX) {Easy} (Beta 1.09 H1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red: Proud Eyes Edition (GD)
Pokemon Red Upgrade (v2.0) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Red Version Emu Edition (GD)
Pokemon RG (Final Version) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Roaming Red
Pokemon Shin Red & Blue
Pokemon Shock Yellow (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Small Crystal Cappuccino
Pokemon Space World Crystal
Pokemon Strike Yellow (Beta 0.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition (Final) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Thunder Yellow (v1.1.1) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon TPP: Anniversary Red (v4.7.3) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon TPP: Anniversary Crystal (v1.2.3) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Trilogy (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Tri-Color Nostalgia Series (March 6, 2018) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Unova Red
Pokemon UTV Red (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon White Gold (v1.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon XY: Naturia (Beta 0.4.1) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Yellow Debug (GD)


  1. Finally, a separate page for GBC ROM hacks. Nice work.

    1. You forgot Pokémon Obscure. In this one, the professor is replaced with a bug-eyed monkey named Stan, and he ends up literally turning you into a walking nose.

  2. More gbc hacks man WE WANT MORE!!!

    1. Unfortunately I don't have the time to make this list complete with every hack that was ever released. Let me know if you come across anything interesting though.

    2. You forgot Pokémon Obscure. In this one, the professor is replaced with a bug-eyed monkey named Stan who happens to be a nutritional therapist. Oh, and he literally turns you into a walking nose. You start out in "New Fopp Town, where guys in hats paint frogs blue" (no, seriously, that's what the hometown's sign says).

  3. Can you add Pokemon Gold and crystal V 2.0? Thank you!

    1. I'll make a page when I have time, but I've added Crystal 2.0 to the main list for now.

  4. Can u make a page for Gold Sinnoh. It is an epic game I really loved it.

    1. Good idea! I never hear people talk about it.

    2. One of the best GBC games I completed the game so I can help you In making a page

  5. might be something you may enjoy adding to the list.

    I also swear I saw a pokemon red or gold here that gave choices, such as the choice to join team rocket at the bridge.

    it was the same in almost every way except it added choices to the game.. I saw it, but I cant seem to find it now

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Right now, other than the main list, most of the lists are out of date and not arranged properly; I'll be fixing that soon.
      Anyway, not sure which hack you're talking about but it sounds interesting.

  6. Shin Pokemon Red & Blue isn't on here and I can add a link to the Git if that's alright.

  7. Is Pokemon Gold Spaceworld Restoration a finished Johto region from the Spaceworld beta.

  8. Hey,please make a page for gold spaceworld 1997 cause I like it

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I am currently out of town but will definitely make one when I get back.

  9. Using this site for years, by far the best place to get my fix lol. You do amazing work Knuckle San, also shout-out to Mateo, one of my favorite hackers :)

    1. Appreciate the feedback!
      You should know that I don't really update lists like this one anymore as it involves too much redundant manual work. I am currently working on a way around this so keep an eye out.

  10. What all pokemon hax have in game cheats

    1. Hard to say. Hacks that don't do major changes can usually use the base game's cheats.

  11. Can you add Pokémon Shin red and shin blue to the list, please?

  12. Can you please add Pokémon perfect crystal?

    1. I honestly don't keep these lists up to date. There's a link to Perfect Crystal on the main list though.

  13. Can you add Pokémon crystal anniversary TPP?

    1. Again, it's on the main list. Just search for "TPP"


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