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Pokemon Mega Evolution GBA ROM Download

Download Patched Pokemon Pokemon Mega Evolution Rom

Version: Complete (?)

Updated: November 15, 2019


Name: Pokemon Mega Evolution
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


This game is based on Pokemon FireRed. It’s a feature hack and you can catch Froakie and get Ash-Greninja early.


  • Improved outdoor graphics
  • All Pokémon (807).
  • All Alola forms.
  • All Mega evolutions forms.
  • New attacks of 4th and 5th generation.
  • Inclusion of the Fairy type.
  • Division of categories Physical, Special and State of the attacks.
  • Icons and Sprites of the updated Pokemon.
  • System of Day and Night.
  • Pokémon B / W Menu Background.
  • Battlebases updated.
  • Distribute X / Y Experience.
  • System of Mega Evolution.
  • New objects.
  • New Evolutionary Stones.
  • HP Bars changed.
  • Experience when capturing.
  • Survival to poison.
  • Run indoors.
  • You can catch all the Legendary Pokémon.
  • You can get all the initial Pkmn.
  • TM Infinity and without quantity.
  • New TM.
  • New Pokedex with new colors.
  • Battle Text Box changed.
  • Menu Start Box changed.
  • Dialog Text Box changed.
  • New Pokémon Selection Menu.
  • New Pokémon Summary Screem.
  • Repellent System B2 / W2..
  • NDS-style Graphics
  • Capture EXP system
  • Forgettable HMs
  • Ev training routes
  • New items





  1. Can put title only mega evolution!

  2. how to mega evolve charizard, venusaur & blastoise??

    1. My greninja has mega stone but where is the key stone that a trainer must have to mega evolve a pokemon.

    2. Just press start before choosing an attack, when you see the mega evolution sign popping out of Greninja's hp bar.

  3. I got my greninja with piedra.act but its not mega evolving during battle.I need a key stone,can anyone tell how can I get it.Please.

  4. Bro cheat code for all pokemon plz

  5. Replies
    1. I'm guessing it's beatable. Not sure what the best way to contact the creator is.

  6. Why are there fully evolved pokemon at the beginning of the game. It's kinda annoying when you are using a bulbasaur and your running into fully evolved fire types in the forest... Definitely had higher hopes for this game.

  7. How to download this app pokemon mega adventure

    1. I'm not sure what you're talking about. If you're trying to play this game, then you'll need an emulator such as My Boy or PizzaBoy. If you're trying to play the PC fangame Mega Adventure on a phone, that's not possible.


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