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Version: Demo

Updated: July 13, 2018

pokemon moon gba




Name: Pokemon Moon GBA Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


A Pokemon ROM hack featuring the Alola region.


  • Alola Region
  • Alola Forms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Beaches
  • Updated graphics


Ishrak Rahman, Invincible Greninja, Gohan Tips, UTV Pokeworld




  1. Is it complete? And how do you do a mega evolution???

    1. since it says it is a demo i woulden think it is completed most demos don´t have much more than on gym but i don´t know since i haven´t plyed it yet

    2. There's not much info available on this hack. Like Line said, it's a demo so it might not be very long. You can try contacting the creator through the Youtube video given above.

    3. Well the demo is longer than exspected i already earnd 3 badges but there is a Lot of things that still needs working on but it is to be exspected beeing a demo Fairy type is not in the game and a few caves u can't enter and event Thats glitching out
      And u can't seme to get cut cos u can't enter the s s Anne Where u normaly gemt it cos u don't get the Ticket

    4. Yes! I'm a friend of the author:)
      The demo goes till the 7th gym (Ik it's kinda weird)
      The author said that he's still working the game and once it's completed, it'll have Mega Evolution,Z-moves,Fully Developed Alola Region amd the same atory of Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS!
      He just needs sometime to edit the game properly:)

    5. well there is a lot of bugs first u can´t talk to the fan club chairman so u can´t get the bike
      u can´t get cut cos u can´t go on borard the ship, the cave u supose to enter after u catch the snorlax and heads left is blocked u can´t enter it
      and witout the bike u can´t enter te cyckling route
      u can´t get to the gym where u need strenght cosafter u push the first bolder the way is blocked by an invisible wall
      and the event with mr fuji and team rocket glitches totaly out
      that is just some of the bugs i encounterd
      and the feairy type is not in the game when it comes to primarina and comfey and other pokemons and alolan persion is normal dark not normal
      and the feairy type moves dose not work as they should one move should give 60 damage but only gives like 1 damage
      so i do hope those things will be fixed in the next update cos this game looks really intresting and i would love to play it to the end :)

    6. but since it is a demo bugs is to be exspectet :) but other than that this game is well maide and i love the crazy lvl jump in the desert and other places witch defenatly makes this game a chalenge witch i like :) so i can´t wait for the next update so i can continue my adventur since i could only manage to get 3 badges do to the bugs i encountert when it comes to the hm moves and a few other things :)

  2. hmm.. sounds really interesting. i'll wait and see first if any of those bugs get fixed. sounds like something i would enjoy playing. :)

  3. CAN you give a game of kalos region

    1. You've asked this many times already.. I don't think there are any GBA rom hacks with Kalos at the moment.

    2. I think there is a hack called Pokemon fire red kalos version

  4. Can you find Pokemon mars completed version

    1. As far as I can tell, the creator released a demo, and that was it.

  5. Sounds like an amazing game, and a moon gba room Is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!! Can't wait for the full game!!


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