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Pokemon Rom Hacks List

A list of pre-patched and tested Pokemon Rom Hacks, available to play on a Game Boy Advance emulator. If you are new to roms, learn how to play them here.
If you find a game you've played not in the list, please suggest a hack in the comments section. This might help somebody else out.

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Changelog (see what's new)

GD = Google Drive
Red Background = New
Purple Background = Series
Shining Text = Popular

Pokemon Camp Baker (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! (English Fan Translation) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Catastrophe (Beta v0.6) (GD)
Pokemon CAWPS
Pokemon Celebi's Return (v1.02) (GD)
Pokemon Celestial (Beta 2) {by Vihar and Spider Man} (GD)
Pokemon Celestium (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Cerice (v1.5 Complete) (GD)
Pokemon Champions (Beta 8) (GD)
Pokemon Charcoal (r8.2) (GD)
Pokemon Chaos Black (v3.1 Fixed) (GD)
Pokemon Christmas
Pokemon Chrome (v0.6) (GD)
Pokemon Chronicles of Soala {Project Spheal}
Pokemon Cintrine (Final v1.05) (GD)
Pokemon Citrite (Alpha 1.3.1) (GD)
Pokemon Classic 151 (S) (GD)
Pokemon Classified (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Clay's Calamity
Clay's Calamity I, Clay's Calamity II, Clay's Calamity III
Pokemon Clear Ocean (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Cloud White
Pokemon Cloud White 2
Pokemon Cloud White 3
Pokemon Clover
Pokemon Cobalt (Beta 1.4) (GD)
Pokemon Cokemon (v1.3) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Cokemon Gold (v0.3) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Conversion Emerald (Beta v175) (GD)
Pokemon Coral Version
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version
Pokemon Creepy Black (GD)
Pokemon Crimson (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Crono (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Crush (Beta v1.7 English) (GD)
Pokemon Crush (Beta v2 Final) (S) (GD)
Pokemon CrystalDust
Pokemon Crystallos
Pokemon Crystal 2.0 (23rd March 2019 release) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Crystal Advance
Pokemon Crystal Calm Version
Pokemon Crystal Clear
Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Pokemon Crystal Shards (GD)
Pokemon Crystal Shards (Beta 1.2) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Crystal Version Emu Edition (v1.3b) (GD)
Pokemon Cyan

Pokemon Fantasia (Beta 1 English Patch) (GD)
Pokemon Fakemon FireRed
Pokemon Fat Kid
Pokemon Final Red (Alpha 2.3) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Final Red (Beta 1.7) (S) (GD)
Pokemon FireBurn
Pokemon FireRed 20XX
Pokemon FireRed 251
Pokemon FireRed 800 {Resource} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed 807 Randomized (v1.0) {by J-Steven} {Base} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed 2
Pokemon FireRed A Reboot (Build 8) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Advanced (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Extreme Randomizer {by SKR} (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Kalos (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Minus
Pokemon FireRed +Plus
Pokemon FireRed Reborn (Pre-Alpha 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Redux
Pokemon FireRed Reimagined
Pokemon FireRed Remastered: Oak Edition (May 2nd, 2019) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Remixed (v02 + Physical/Special split) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition
Pokemon FireRed Shiny Flame (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Super-Extra-Nostalgia Edition (Deluxe) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed Ultimate Edition (S) (GD)
Pokemon FireRed VR Missions
Pokemon FireRed Wonder Trade Challenger (GD)
Pokemon FireRed: Wrath of Dark Mewtwo (GD)
Pokemon Fire Blast (v2.0) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Redouble (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Backwards Edition/ Der Erif (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Evolution (v0.95) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red: Generations (Beta 1.5a) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Legends (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Mega Edition (v1.01) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Omega (Final Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Red Origins (08-19-16) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Rojo (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Fire Sun (Final) {Old} (GD)
Pokemon Fire Yellow
Pokemon Fiya Red (v2.6) (JP) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Fakemon (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Flame of Rage (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Flame Red (GD)
Pokemon Flaming FireRed (v1.5) {Discontinued} (GD)
Pokemon Flaming Grace (v1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Flare
Pokemon Flare Red Version
Pokemon Fllare Red (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Fllare Red 2: The Mist (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky (Main + Complement Dex)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (v12.18 English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth (Build v1.0 April 23, 2019) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Fluorite
Pokemon Francium
Pokemon Fresh Silver (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Frigo Returns (v0.2) (GD)
Pokemon Frosty (GD)
Pokemon Fuligin
Pokemon Furious Flames (Beta 2.72) (GD)
Pokemon Fused Emerald (Alpha 3) (GD)

Pokemon Magikarp's Adventure (Beta) (GD)
Pokemon Maia (Version Infinity Point 2) (GD)
Pokemon Maize
Pokemon Majora Crystal
Pokemon Marble (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Mario Mon (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Mars (Demo v0.1.0) (GD)
Pokemon MasterQuest
Pokemon Master Quest Kanto (GD)
Pokemon Mega Blue
Pokemon Mega Emerald X & Y (GD)
Pokemon Mega Evolution
Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine (Demo) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Flora Sky (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed (v1.1.8c) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Origins (Completed) (GD)
Pokemon Mega Power
Pokemon Mega Ruby (GD)
Pokemon Mega Sapphire (GD)
Pokemon Mega Sol X
Pokemon Metallic
Pokemon Meta FireRed X and Y
Pokemon Mirage of Tales (v0.1 Pre Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: A New Age Dawns (v2.1 U2) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Kala's Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Evandor's Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith (Zhafira's Prologue) (GD)
Pokemon Mitic Island (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Moemon Emerald (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Moemon FireRed (GD)
Pokemon Moemun Emerald Fore (GD)
Pokemon Moemun Emerald Tow (GD)
Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn
Pokemon Moon Emerald
Pokemon Moon GBA
Pokemon Moon Galaxy (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon MrDollSteak's Decap and Attack Rombase (v1.5a) (GD)
Pokemon Mutatipo (Beta 0.3) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery 9 (Beta 1.5.1) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Advanced Rescue Team (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Complete Team Control Mod (v1.6 L+Start) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Kaizo (3rd May, 2019) (GD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Psychics (v1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Mystical (Completed) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Mythic Legends (Beta 3) (GD)
Pokemon My Ass (Final) (GD)

Pokemon Saffron
Pokemon Saiph
Pokemon Satanic Lavender Town Version (GD)
Pokemon Scarlet (Beta 1.0) (GD)
Pokemon Scarlet Blaze
Pokemon School
Pokemon Scorched Earth (v2.1) (GD)
Pokemon Scorching Scarlet
Pokemon Scramble
Pokemon Sea Green Advance (v1.5) (GD)
Pokemon Sea Temple
Pokemon Secret Diaries
Pokemon Secrets and Rumours (2012 Demo) (GD)
Pokemon Septo Conquest
Pokemon Sevii
Pokemon Shadow Destiny (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Shattered Dreams
Pokemon Shin Red & Blue
Pokemon Shining Opal
Pokemon Shining Victory
Pokemon Shiny Gold (Main + X)
Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
Pokemon Shiny Jewel (Alpha 2.01 Fix) (GD)
Pokemon Shock Yellow (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Shrouded Chaos (Alpha) (GD)
Pokemon Shuckle Version (Demo 1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Sienna
Pokemon Sigma Emerald
Pokemon Silver 2.0 (25th March 2019 release) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Silver Legend (Beta 1.0.5) (S) (GD)
Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy
Pokemon Sinnoh Quest (Update 2) (GD)
Pokemon Sirius
Pokemon Sky Twilight
Pokemon Skyline (Beta 1 Fix 1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Small Crystal Cappuccino
Pokemon Smiley Face (GD)
Pokemon Snakewood
Pokemon Snowy White (v6.0 EX March 26, 2018) (CH) (GD)
Pokemon Snowy White (English Translation) (GD)
Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (Beta 2) (G) (GD)
Pokemon Space World Crystal
Pokemon Spark Yellow (commit 16deda7) (GB) (GD)
Pokemon Spice (Beta 0.5) (GD)
Pokemon Spirit Emerald (v1.2) (GD)
Pokemon Stadium Advanced (Beta 1.1) (GD)
Pokemon Stardust (Alpha 1) (GD)
Pokemon StarRed
Pokemon Stigma Version
Pokemon Stone Dragon (Remake) (Pt) (GD)
Pokemon Strike Yellow (Beta 0.4) (GBC) (GD)
Pokemon Stronger (S) (GD)
Pokemon Strongest Evolution (v3) (GD)
Pokemon StunningSteel
Pokemon Stygian (Demo 0.015) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Flare (8th Feb 2019) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Moon FireRed
Pokemon Sun Red (v1.3) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Ruby (Beta 0.23) (GD)
Pokemon Sun Shrine (GD)
Pokemon Sun Sky (Beta 2) (GD)
Pokemon Sunrise Orange
Pokemon Sunset Orange
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega In-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Fire Red {Mega Out-of-battle} (Pre-Act 7) (GD)
Pokemon Super Heart Red
Pokemon Super Mega Emerald (08-30-2014 Update) (GD)
Pokemon Super Rising Thunder!
Pokemon Super Theta Emerald (v1.7.6) (GD)
Pokemon Supreme Fire
Pokemon Suri (Beta 1) (GD)
Pokemon Sweet Version
Pokemon Sweet 2th
Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA


  1. hey knuckles,recently on the pokecommunity forums i saw a hack where you play as Gary/Blue (No it isnt pokemon adventures blue chapter) and i thought it was pretty cool,mind uploading it for me? Thanks as always and keep up the good work.Ill try to find the name.

  2. [This Message/Comment is not only for Knuckle-San or Someone Special, This is for Everyone using This site]

    When I am bored or I have nothing to Do, I enter This site and try to Answer Comments :D

    It's fun! (But hard-working)

    But most of The Comments are already answered

    No! Really No! I am not complaining! Don't be sad Knuckle-San :)
    You are really a Good & Kind person. Keep it up! We Love You!!

    1. Haha, thanks. I check the site regularly, so I try to reply to all the questions even if I don't know the answer. If I just leave them, it may take weeks before somebody else who has the answer reads the comment. If you have a better answer or more information, you can always create another reply.

    2. Ha,I come on here atleast once a day just to check on things. I only show myself when the hard questions are asked. Or if knuckles is busy I try to step up and help everyone

    3. Oh yes! Thanks for updating everyone.

  3. Can you add a download all option and maybe a download all english option?

    1. Sorry, it's just not possible. First of all, I don't have all the hacks on my computer anymore, so I'd literally have to download them one by one myself. More importantly, the total file size would be in GBs, and my upload speed is way too slow for that.

    2. Yeah it's a pretty hefty task, there's about 460 different hacks here give or take and each of them turn into 16mb files when on your computer. So

      460 x 16 = 7,360 meaning every single rom hack here in once file would be 7.36 GB big, even a fast upload speed would take a while.

    3. Dark Mudkip, not every Pokémon Hack is 16MB big. Some are 32MB (like Pokémon SotS) or like World Tour over 100MB

    4. There needs to be a pokemon hack where instead of bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander, you have as starers maybe buttercup replacing bulbasaur, bubbles replacing squirtle and blossom replacing charmander with them evolving into their z forms then into their 2016 forms ooh and you have characters from ppg 1998, z and 2016 as the wild pokemon

    5. Don't ya think you're imagining a little too much

  4. Hey Knuckle San i am trying to make a rom hack suggest me some good stories

    1. Once upon a time, there was a little town, their lives a small family [Mother (Unnamed), Father (Unnamed), Son (Player; Unnamed)]. One day, Father(NameByYourself) gets disappeared in a research at some weird ruins when Player(NameByYourself) was only 5 yeared old. After 5 years, Player(NameByYourself) gets his first Pokemon. Now, Player(NameByYourself)'s goal is to find out what actually happened with his dad and What is the mystery of the Mystery Ruins, is that cursed by an ancient Pokemon? Or something else(DecidedByYourself)?

      Player(NameByYourself) faces a lot of enemies, rivals, friends, and… a Girl(NameByYourself) [who secretly have a crush on the player (when the player gets 4 badges, the Girl reveals his love for the player)]

    2. ^ That's pretty good. I'm bad at coming up with stories, but good luck with the hack!

    3. Lalit that love part sounds a lot like pkmn outlaw

    4. Seems pretty epic XD.... it always seems like some type of generic relationship between Male and Female characters but that seems to make it more of an anime.....XD..but better than Original series cause Ash is a wimp XDD

    5. No please Yukika brother, Don't compare this to outlaw.

      Outlaw has a girl who is ready to be anyone's girlfriend just because being beaten by a dirty streat boy in a Pokemon battle, there's no "true" in love.

      (Sorry for the late reply)

    6. I have an idea for a fakemon game if anyone is interested. How about all the pokemon being real animals? Like for a water-type starter a Betta that would evolve into a tiger shark at level 16 and a Great White at level 36? Other than the pokemon replaced as animals it would be same as Fire Red. I even have a name for the game, Zoomon. Too bad I don't know how to make a hack.

    7. If you really can give much effort;
      Try doing this one:-

      Every 100 years,An Unknown Creature comes from Who knows where and brings a massive calamity(destroying everything in radius of 1600km);
      After three events like these; Civilization was probably coming to an end;
      The People of (region (unnamed) started to call these events "Night of the last day."(probably put something better if you have any idea)

      There were only 20 years left before the next disastrous event;
      Which could wipe out everything existing on the planet;
      Every evil organisations came together and thought of fighting it.
      The (Player(insert name) is an evil guy who beats his opponents until they give up their pokemon;
      He knows how to stop this "N.O.L.D" but he just have one goal in his mind,
      To capture that beast.

  5. Any Pokémon GBA Rom Hacks in which your decisions changes the storyline?

    1. Also Genesis, StunningSteel (not sure), Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians. Mega Power and Dark Realm both have 2 storylines.

  6. Hey guys, I am making a hack like dark realm, you are starting on earth but mew teleport you to the pokemon world because you are the choosen one. You start your adventure on kanto region. While selecting a starter, the earthquake started, and all people on kanto region get injured and you too. But then, celebi saved you and travelled on 2099 future kanto region. Now, I am remaking the whole kanto and adding new towns and cities. I almost finish remaking the pallet town and adding the kanto university. I'm so busy in my highschool so I think I'll gonna release the first beta on 2019, it is so hard because I am solo hacker and there's no helping me :( But anyway, my whole plan is to add the kalos and region because I have never seen a hack that has kalos region. It's pretty challenging for me. I hope you support me for this hack

    1. The story sounds great! If you're looking for a team, you can try asking here and here. And the Pokecommunity Discord (rom hacking channel) has a lot of experienced hackers who can help you.
      Good luck!

  7. And I promise to everyone, I will make gba version of pokemon sun and moon after the final version of my 1st hack :)

  8. If anyone is using the Gpemu emulator to play pokemon games, I have some useful information you might be able to use.As you may already know, the games save automatically and using the in game save option doesn't really help because whenever you open up your game, it starts you back at the exact spot that you closed the game at.However, I have discovered a method that allows you to reset your game to the title screen and load up to your last in game save spot (Save state), as opposed to starting back at the point that you closed your game. The method, on chromebooks, is just to right click ( use two fingers on the mouse and click ) and it will bring up a white screen with gray buttons on the top that say Save, Reset,load, etc. Click the one that says reset to return your game to the title screen and from there you can continue from your last in game save just like normal. This makes the in game save useful for multiple tries at legendaries and anything else you want to redo in the game. I know it gets frustrating only being able to do things once because of the emulators automatic save method, but hopefully this helps.Although I have not tested this next thing out myself,I am assuming that when the game freezes we can use this same method to return to the title screen and load up. If you use GPEMU, then you probably know about game freezes and the infinite freeze loop that you can't reverse, hopefully this is a way around that problem. Sorry about the large wall of text Knuckle San, I just thought I would give this info to people dealing with the same technical problems I have had.

    1. Thanks for the info! Many people have asked about this before and I wasn't able to answer them.

    2. When will Pokemon flurote uploded
      Can it uploaded 1 month later who was the made it

  9. No problem, I just hope the info I gave helps.

  10. Hey knuckle,firstly thank you for making such a huge compilation of hacks,it really helps a lot
    And ,can you help me in finding a rom hack,i dodont remember the name,but i just remember that it was pretty incomplete.It had eevee as starter,and after some time,we got to choose from one of the eeveelutions who replaced it.The story was like we were on a ship which crashed on a island and there were bad conditions in the cities of that place,lack of food,etc


    All the evolutionary stones (+Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone, King's Stone, Dragon Stone, Metal Stone) are available at the Edelweiss City Departmental Store.

  12. And the first gym leader in Estacao has level 25 pokemon for the first gym leader! BROCK!

  13. Check out my video if you want to see how it's done. (I posted before about this) I do Firestick tutorials (and Pokemon Playthroughs) on my YouTube channel. Just starting out, but I'm a funny dude with a new york accent playing pokemon. If ya guys have any recommendations for funny rom hacks you want me to play, let me know lmao. But all the apps you see in the video you can download on android devices. Check it out! Link:

    1. & here's my first pokemon playthrough lol


    2. Keep in mind, it was just a test run to see if all my recording stuff worked. I was playing blue stars 2 but I don't speak Spanish lmao

  14. I want also say somewhat.

    When you reach the Mogalwald in Pokémon SotS, then do not the Mogalruine inside of this forrest. They does not work with the puzzle from GoldenSun One of the Jupiterlighttower. The first not work place is the first room, it says that u need an move to fill in a watertank. But... No such move is including as raindance and nothing happends when you try it out.
    (Used cheats to reach the top)
    The fight here against Tundra's Boss is buggy and music hangs up aswell the screen.
    (Skip it per cheat and seek the 7th gym on the Archipelago before Grünblatt)
    Those is build, but you need to beat the buggy fight. (used cheat to reach gymleader)
    7th Gymfight works well and other bug is when u play this game at late night. You doesnt see your player outside of buildings or caves.
    This is only a way to avoid those bugs.

    1. Thanks for the info. I would recommend also posting this on the Pokecommunity thread (link) so that the creator can see and prevent it from happening in the next version.

    2. Had said this some times on this site or on, but no response

  15. Is pokemon unbound discontinued, or is the creator is still working on it, I want to play it, it is really good game so far. If you could , could you tell me when the next update for unbound is?

    1. The creator is definitely working on it but no release date for the next version has been given. You can always get the latest news through the Pokecommunity thread.

    2. Pokemon unbound in not discontinued. The creator is going to release the full version. It's 80% complete (with 6 gyms). When it's 100% completed, it'll be released.

      Link to the official YouTube channel. Also, watch this video.

  16. Whats the difference between Pokemon glazed and Pokemon glazed reborn. To me they look the same same characters and starters. So what's different bout em

    1. Reborn is an unofficial mod, and I don't have much info on it. To be safe, you can stick with the original or Blazed Glazed.

    2. Actually Reborn is just glazed, but there were added pokemon , reshuffle in team fusion pokemon, some more mega evolution , it's just like a remake

    3. Riolu evolves at Lv.17 (or maybe Lv.16).

      The Hydreigon Evolution Family is replaced with Goodra Evolution Family.

      All Mega evolvable Pokemon (ecxept Kanto Starters) are already Mega evolved (+Johto Starters).

      …Many more.

  17. Hey Knuckle San! I have also a DS Hack, using the as base Pokémon Schwarze Edition 2 and I work with some friends since 3 Yrs on it and have you ideas what places can be added? We have all Regions included, also in plan is Galar, and also is 60% of whole Tamriel is complete. It will nice to hear some Ideas and I reply it then Soon as posible. If u has questions: Go on and then to the Users and search Molag-Bal. That's I. I Recommend that u make a account and when U ask about this game, 「Then here some comments poster wants play DS Hacks, also is this one a good one, will publish in 3 Yrs, when all bugs will fixed.」 stats a conversation, which is here called Konversation. Hope, that eventually u recommends my game after seeing to others. And yes, it will released also in English besides of German. Lots of new Pokémon and Stories await the Protagonist!

    1. Sounds like a cool project! I tried looking through bisaboard but couldn't find your hack. What is it called? Also, I would recommend submitting your hack to the Pokecommunity forums (link) and the pokemonromhacks subreddit (link) as they are good places to get ideas and feedback.

    2. Is removed long time ago, because of the things with our EU article 13/17 and so. Soon I present it on a own website, when the issue with ous is better. And how infect it us wit our fanmade games.

  18. @ELOwen I could help ya make the rom hack but it's gonna be next month and I'll be on the point I just know the most tiniest things to edit in a rom that's map and sprites

  19. Knuckle san can you explain Ivs,evs,pokerus,egg groups and shiny pokémon?
    It would help me alot
    You can give me a link to a page that explains them if you don't feel like explaining....

    1. Don't be that lazy just Google it or search on youtube😒

    2. Iv determines the stats of your pokemon, ev's are the points that you get that from battles and wild encounters that makes your pokemon stronger, pokerus helps gain ev faster, I think egg groups determines if pokemon can interbreed or something and shiny pokemon is pokemon with different colors, really rare.

  20. hey can anyone provide me the link for pokemon essentials v16.5 yeah

    pst-(I am Aryan This is my alt account i want to make a new game want to suggest a story?)

    1. I don't think there was a 16.5. I think 17 came after 16.2. Anyway, there a download for 17.2 on
      Can't think of any good ideas for a story, but maybe someone else here can help.

    2. The player: 5 years ago......there was an unforgettable calimity.......I still recall the calimity......but because of the calimity it gave me a symptom simmilar to amnesia however......worse....the symptom made me forgot the whole English language in 2 years I managed to remember the language however.....I didnt managed to recall who I am,my friends,and most importantly my past......but...some people move on.....but not me (lol endgame reference) there are anonymous traces were left about of my past and every time I stumble upon this traces I would always hear a girls was English but it wasn't clear...there was this one sentence that I managed to understand it was player promise me that you will never forget me...that day when I managed to understand the sentence I promised to myself i won't give up until I'll recall my past

    3. Hey how about universe collide Idk if this story is already used but it goes like this the player is in an universe with no pokemon who are just in comics anime and games (like ours) goes to a beach which has like a ride the professor (of the poke verse) get ups as a (you decide) and meets the player in the beach of the earthverse.He notices something special about the player and guesses that he is a chosen one. Who can save the poke verse of a threat (you decide) now you can decide the rest of the story

  21. Is there a ROM hack with all 802 pokemons, along with alola forms and mega evolution, in english, and has a good storyline? Or is it too good to be true? Don't say Cloud White.

    1. Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma got in my mind. I don't remember if there's any other hacks with there features.

    2. Probably too good to be true at the moment. As Lalit mentioned, USGS kinda counts but a lot of people complain about bugs and movepools not being updated. There's also Omega Red but it has the FR storyline and there isn't much info on it. In the future look out for Gaia and Unbound.

  22. What’s the top 3 emerald improvement hacks

    1. In my opinion: Emerald Genesis, Altered Emerald, New Emerald

  23. Here is an idea I have for a pokemon game if anybody wants to take it.
    You wake up once again in the world of SINNOH!!!(the best region to me) It is the same region but it has gen 6 mechanics (except animation is gen 3), but all cries up to gen 5 are the original cries and not the "new" ones in gen 6. Gen 6 pokemon and up (if you want to include them) have their cries. Also you can maybe add mega evolutions to the sinnoh legends and stuff. Continuing on, your starters are the original gen 4 starters with possible mega evolutions. Your rival is the same but there are some new people added. You can have new rivals such as all characters from other games. Now to the bad guys, you have regular team galactic but in this team rainbow rocket comes back once again to shine (and fail). So try to stop all the bad guys from getting all the legendaries to make their master plan to get arceus. Then you continue on with your journey after all this disaster and battle to become the champion. Post game is basically going to get all legends/myths, meeting some champions along the way and even more powerful trainers. And that is my idea, so please let me know if that would be a pretty good idea to make. (and it has to be a gba game)

    1. and don't make this another light platinum game

    2. Not a bad idea at all! But too bad I can't make rom hacks right now😔

  24. Hey there Knuckle San and everyone, I've got the new links for the walkthroughs plus the original version of the Journey of Janice story. Went with G-Drive. I'm sorry about the ads on Zippyshare. If there are other good sites people can recommend as alternatives, please let me know. I've included support links at the end of the walkthroughs (one link for Patreon and the other is for SubscribeStar), please check them out if you found them to be helpful and would like to support the work. For the time being I won't be doing any walkthroughs because I'll be busy reworking Journey of Janice chapters for the Fanfic section over at the PokeCommunity. Am hoping to get feedback for the story and maybe hear from people interested enough to team up for the game version. Once the thread is active I'll post the link on the Journey of Janice page here. Take care!

    Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5 Walkthrough

    Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough

    Pokemon Mega Power Walkthrough

    Pokemon Resolute v2.78 Walkthrough

    Pokemon Light Platinum (Lauren region walkthrough)

    Pokemon: The Journey of Janice (Original version)

    1. Sorry for the delay; I've updated the links. Best of luck with JoJ!

    2. Much appreciated Knuckle San. Let's see how this adventure in the Fanfic section will go!

  25. Sorry to disturb but how can I evolve trade evos in saiph?
    (Haunter and magmar)

    1. By trade, their methods weren't changed for this hack, big mistake. Fully evolved trade evos are in the wild, so you can catch a Gengar, horrible compromise.

    2. Shit, after all that ev training and shiny hunting I need to dump my haunter?

  26. Hey, how are you all doing? Happy 2020! i hope you're okay. I'm back to taking in requests for walkthroughs. Give me 4 games. They can be complete or ongoing, either they don't have a walkthrough or the ones they already got are not detailed enough. Here are the games I've played/replayed so far under my current run:

    Pokemon Gaia v3.2
    Pokemon Dark Violet [final 2018]
    Pokemon Liquid Crytsal Beta 3.3.00512
    Pokemon Korosu
    Pokemon Outlaw
    Pokemon CAWPS
    Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Remastered v1.2
    Pokemon Genesis [Final Beta 4]
    Pokemon Advanced Adventure
    Pokemon Francium Beta 1
    Pokemon LightBolt Version Beta 2.1
    Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 1 Build 171118B
    Pokemon Master Quest [12 Aug 2018 Beta]
    Pokemon Cloud White 1 (gave up at some point)
    Pokemon Dreary v1.1
    Pokemon Valor 2 Beta 1.3 (gave up at some point)
    Pokemon Sienna Beta 4.1
    Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5
    Pokemon Flora Sky [Complement Dex Version]
    Pokemon Fluorite Beta 1
    Pokemon Fat Kid Beta 1.2.4
    Pokemon Grass Jewel 1 & 2 (gave up early)
    Pokemon Twilight Beta 1.1
    Pokemon Never Black & White Beta 1
    Pokemon Light Platinum
    Pokemon Mega Power (Beta 5.59)
    Pokemon Resolute v2.71

    For those of you who may not know, the ones I've typed up walkthroughs for are these:

    Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5
    Pokemon Flora Sky [Complement Dex Version]
    Pokemon Light Platinum (covering the Lauren Region)
    Pokemon Mega Power (Beta 5.59)
    Pokemon Resolute v2.71

    1. Will you do Beta 15 of Red Chapter?

    2. It's finally out? Sure. I'd need to ask Lunos for a couple of guides that I can add to the walkthrough like in the previous one. I still have my save file from 14.5, will I be able to continue or 15 requires people to start from scratch?

    3. I think you have to start from scratch, using the 14.5 save file will lead to bugs.

    4. Damn, I just saw the page :/ so it requires starting from scratch. As if 14.5 wasn't a massive game already haha.

    5. Okay. That's one game. Any others which need a walkthrough?

    6. As far as other hacks, Liquid Crystal definitely. Not sure what else. I think the Crizzle games are straightforward and don't need walkthroughs. Same with Dreary. Haven't played the other hacks listed.

    7. No problem. I'll keep Liquid Crystal noted for after I'm done with 15. If you or Knuckle San or anyone else have other hacks in mind, just let me know.

    8. Happy new year, man. Are you looking to do a walkthrough for one of those hacks or for something outside that list?
      Going solely by questions asked here, I can't think of an obvious candidate that sticks out. I remember Judas helped a bunch of people out with Stigma but apparently the hack itself isn't great so it may be best to steer clear.
      I'd recommend asking on the PokemonROMHacks subreddit (link). I know you didn't have much luck there with Journey of Janice but the audience there is much wider and more sophisticated than here.

    9. @Wilfred, do you mean my name at the PokeCommunity site? Because I don't have a channel (Youtube or otherwise) for the walkthroughs...but at PokeComm I am Allen Ceedos.

      @Knuckle San, either way is fine. From the list or any other hacks outside the list. I just included it to let people know which games I've played or replayed so far in my current playthrough. Stigma I didn't know of until you mentioned it, and judging from the info page it looks like its riddled with bugs and is all over the place :/ so I'll heed your advice.

      Yeah, for a while I didn't want anything to do with that subreddit because if it's supposed to be a place where people can "find, create and discuss hacks" how can that not allow for people to pitch ideas for potential games? Games which people over there could play down the road and maybe want help with from that same community? I still think it's pretty stupid, that rule they have. But I'll try with the walkthroughs and see how far that goes.

  27. Someone needs to add gorochu to one of these hacks yeah

  28. Hello, I once played a game where you start out in Sootoplis and you get an ice type pokemon for a starter.

    Does anyone know what this game is called and if it is on this site or not?

    It was a really early version years ago. Don't know if it was continued.

    1. I'm in a hurry right now but a quick search led me to Pokemon Glacier. Will look into it more when I get time.

  29. Hello knucle san,thank for this awesome page.
    If you can please add pokemon voces celestiales(rom in spanish),pokescapes(find this in pokemoner).JMG

    1. PokeScape looks pretty interesting. There's a release on the hack's Discord from around 6 months ago but no info on how far it goes. The creator mentions that there is no current release so either the hack is being redone or the existing release is not really playable. Anyway, I've put links to both on the list. Let me know if you have any more info.

    2. Hi Knucle you are the best,infinity thank for the 2 games.J M G

  30. your missing a rom hack called pokespace on you have to go to his private discord to get the GBA patch though. it's based on Runescape.

    1. It's on the list. Pokemoner misspelled it as -space instead of -scape. Haven't made a page, since as you said, it's a private beta at the moment.

    2. Ok sorry my bad, also looks really good, hope it gets finished.

  31. Are there any rom hacks with corphish as the starter? If there are, please let me know which ones.

    1. It doesnt actually seem like it

    2. The older versions of Altered Emerald used to but I think it switched back to the regular starters. Apparently a hack called Nidokingdom does as well but I have no clue what that's about.

  32. guys i have found the best johto team for gbc: feraligator, typloshion, venasaur, espeon, pidgeot, raichu. feel free if you cant get some of the starters to replace them with a pokemon of the same type.

  33. Hey everyone, just stopping by to drop off my walkthrough for Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 15. Finally done. I was just delayed by having to start from the beginning to avoid glitches. Here is the link:

    1. Does this walkthrough reflect the Beta 15.4 version?

    2. It does, since I had to start from scratch. I even noted that it would be a more polished version of the walkthrough I did for 14.5 haha.

    3. I'll definitely check this out. I was hesitant to play the game without a walkthrough because it's such a large one.

    4. Holy! In spite of seeing the previous version, it still amazes me how detailed this is. Congrats on finishing it. It looks great.

    5. Hey Allen, your walkthrough states that you didn't know where the shiny Ditto in the Game Corner Rocket hideout is. I found it. The green tube in the room where there's a note that says "Mew Project 87 Failure." You get to it through the bottom left corner staircase in that room of 4 staircases.

    6. @Judas and @Knuckle San, what's up guys? I was supposed to get back to you last weekend but we failed to get online here because of a fault. Sorry about that. Also, when you said 15.4 version I thought you'd jumbled up 14.5...I'm only finding out now that there was 15.4 and 15.3. So I played "old" 15 then. Thanks for finding shiny Ditto, have you posted that information to the Adventure Red Chap page here?

      @Knuckle San thanks for that. Detailed is best but I guess the trick is to keep it simple and fun as well so people don't get bored as they read through. One thing I hope more creators could do is provide information for their games too. Pokemon Locations, Item Locations etc because without that the Pokemon I show in the walkthrough will just be those which I encountered and I may miss some or wasn't lucky to find others. I'm working on a walkthrough for Glazed Beta 6.8.3, currently in the Rankor region. The game came with all that info but I think it's for a previous version because item changes and some Pokemon evolutions and locations mentioned in the document are not in the game.

    7. It seems like most of your walkthrough, if not all of it matches what's in 15.4, but I'm halfway through the game. Now I'll mention the Shiny Ditto in the hack's page here.

    8. Alright, so no problem. Had I known about 15.3 and 15.4...but looking back now, it's okay because starting again allowed me to make up for that 14.5 walkthrough and there were some small changes done for that portion of the game. Indeed, it is a big game.

  34. my god allen i gotta give it to you. you have so much time and its so detailed. i bet many people are thankful for all the time and effort youve put into this.

    1. but i do have one request. can you do a walkthrough for emerald enhanced plz. it would be really helpfull. it might be hard because of so many possible storylines but knowing your potential i think you can do it. so if you are able to plz make one for me.

    2. ^ I don't know if that's a good idea. That game changes very rapidly and walkthroughs won't be relevant until the it becomes stable.

    3. @Drake thanks for that. My circumstances here give me the chance to do walkthroughs like this, comes with positives and negatives though. Emerald Enhanced...does it have a new storyline or it's just playing through a buffed up version of Emerald + extras like more Pokemon?

    4. I guess Drake can answer better since he's actually played it, but I guess the main premise is it being an open world hack. Besides that it's basically the kitchen sink wrt improvements, new features and changed events. A lot of stuff changes at whim and daily updates are a thing which is why I was against the idea of making a walkthrough for this.

    5. That super frequent updating is one reason I'm reluctant to play it, even though there are some interesting features for it like that open world aspect. If it had a new story like maybe a game set some time after events in Emerald or something maybe I'd check it out down the road when completed

  35. you should add pokemon caos version its in spanish but the pokemon are all fusions like the starters are the grass fusion starter is treecko and aron , the fire fusion starter is torchic and larvitar and the water starter fusion is mudkip and elekid if you can find someone to do an english patch version

    1. i use and they have some games that sren't on here

    2. Thanks, I'll take a look when I get time.

    guys do subscribe my youtube chanel and lemme know which hacks walkthrough u want i will upload them on demands thanks

  37. Is there a rom hack that let's you play as a new gym leader? (Because i like being a new gym leader) (if i'm annoying to you i'm sorry)

    1. well you can be a gym leader in polka aqua but that is in post game. other wise than that none that i know of

  38. How many rom hacks are there where we actually play as a pokemon?

    1. The mystery dungeon hacks, super rising thunder, ruby destiny: rescue rangers.
      Those are all I know of. If Knuckle knows about any other, hopefully that'd be helpful.

    2. I think you've covered most of them. Outside the Mystery Dungeon games, you're usually playing from a trainer's perspective so it's kinda hard to change that.

  39. Ugh are there no good rom hacks there? Isthere one that lets you choose from any pokemon as starter? (sorry if I'm being irritating)

    1. That's a very subjective question. There are hacks with an increased number of starter choices (Dark Realm, Emerald Enhanced, etc.) but none with the ability to choose any Pokemon if I'm remembering correctly. You could always use a tool to modify a game's starter choice I guess.

  40. Hey everyone, how are you doing? Here's my walkthrough for Pokemon Glazed Beta 6.8.3

    It is zipped because I've included 2 screenshots, one for the spot where you find that swimsuit in the Fusion Resort and the other one is from the Alpha Sewers, near an exit that is easy to miss. As always if you find the walkthrough helpful, you're free to help support what I do. Details are at the end of the Notepad document.

    Got a request for a retro game that looks interesting, Pokemon Grape. It's been many years since I've played a Gen 1 game so I decided to dive in and have a look. So far so good, I've just needed time to readjust and remember the old ways.

    1. Grape's puzzles and cryptic nature begs for a walkthrough, good look on that.

    2. I'll do my best. Things haven't started to go crazy yet, I paused in the Cherry City Gym.

    3. Congrats on finishing another one. You are a machine! It's hardly been a month since you did Red Chapter. I mean, you do seem to enjoy what you do from your writing style, but I can't imagine it not taking a toll on you. Not to inconvenience all the people out there looking for walkthroughs, but you may want consider looking into outlets where your work is appreciated more. Just a thought. (Sorry for the unsolicited advice.) Anyway, good luck, man.

    4. That's some fair advice there, thank you for giving it. Which outlets would you or Judas or anyone else recommend? Other sites which host ROM hacks and fan-made games? I think I'll have a break after I finish the Grape walkthrough, a couple of weeks to switch over to my other projects. If I was online regularly like around this time last year, I'd have a chance to search for other places where I can share the walkthroughs, but no luck on that front because we can only afford 2 days' worth of access now thanks to this hyperinflation that's still raging on. I use that time to check my emails, post stuff if there's need to, update and so on. Then it's back offline until the next time. The walkthroughs are fun to do yeah but it's important that people also understand what's going on.

    5. Oh, in terms of Pokemon ROM hack communities, the only big (English) ones I'm aware of are Pokecommunity and the PokemonROMHacks subreddit.
      I was actually suggesting trying something outside walkthroughs and ROM hacks. I know I mentioned video walkthroughs before but if that's not your thing, maybe move your bitchute and dtube content to Youtube? It'll get more exposure that way. If there's copyright issues, you should be able to come up with other ideas for content. The only reason why I'm mentioning this is that the ROM hacking community is a pretty small and inactive one and your time and effort might be better spent elsewhere. But you're right - it shouldn't have to be about money, fame, and all that. If you enjoy doing it, there's no reason not to continue.
      Also, I don't see a one-time option on your Patreon (they don't do that anymore?). I'm on the grind as well and early on in my career so I won't be able to contribute significantly or on a regular basis but yeah.. if I can figure the website out, I'd like to help a bit if possible.

    6. I've been thinking of Dailymotion as another place I'll upload to alongside Bit Chute and DTube, hoping that it hasn't turned into a mini Youtube now. Copyright issues on Youtube are the main problem, it's not longer a place where content creators can really shine anymore unless they play it safe and censor their stuff. That's why I can recommend Bit Chute and DTube because they give more room and freedom whether your content is political or entertainment and so on. No walking on eggshells like on Youtube.

      As for the video walkthroughs, I don't have the equipment (and the internet) to do those. That's why I went with the text walkthrough approach, because it's not as much of a hassle and no equipment needed. It was just something I wanted to try because I like walkthroughs and I realised that a lot of ROM hacks either don't have a walkthrough or whatever guide they got isn't helpful enough. If I could get in touch with creators of these games and work with them that would be one step forward. Even though the community is so small, I can continue providing walkthroughs as an extra bit of content that I do.

      I'll sort out the one-time option on Patreon, sorry about that. Am still very new to platforms like it. Any help you or anyone can offer would be great, even if it not via Patreon. Getting the walkthroughs out there and sharing them with others, that counts too.

    7. Dailymotion is a step up, but as far as I know, nothing is really comparable to Youtube. At least where I live, if you took 100 random people, 95 might use Youtube regularly, maybe 2-3 Dailymotion and probably 0 for the other two. While the Youtube platform might not be ideal, you'd be limiting your exposure by avoiding it. And I totally understand the text walkthroughs over video ones. The former are much more useful.
      Also, looks like Patreon doesn't have a one time option. I guess I can try subscribing for a lesser amount and canceling in a few months instead.

    8. I've tried Youtube and it's clear that the content I put out won't go very far there, except maybe if I did those video walkthroughs. Not as much exposure on other sites but at least no trouble getting content on them. Plus, it doesn't look like Youtube will change for the better anyway.

      I sent you an email about Patreon just before coming here, thanks again.

  41. Anyone else whose exam postponed or cancelled(due to covid-19 outbreak)? Got a few weeks holiday. Stay Well.

    1. Yeah, I think that's happening all over the world. They have us working from home here.

    2. Yes to inconvenience all the people out there looking for walkthroughs

  42. Litwick's a starter in emerald enhanced and...?

  43. Hey knuckle san there is a (kinda) new update in mega moemon fire red that fixes eevee's path. Also i have a question: can you make a list called "cross over games" which basically like pokemon but different people (dragon ball Z, mariomon etc.)

    1. Thanks for the heads up but looks like that update only fixed the optional Eevee patch which I did not apply anyway.
      I'm trying to stay away from creating lists since I never end up updating them. The site redesign (if it ever comes out) will make this much easier..

  44. Anyone can recommend me a game that is kinda like gaia

    1. Anything more specific than that? You won't find a lot of hacks like Gaia. Assuming you've finished the classics like Glazed, maybe check out one of the more recent ones such as Kanlara Ultimate or Nameless.

    2. Thanks alot and yeah I've finished glazed they are both really great

  45. Any rom with all pokemon from gen 1 to gen 7 with mega evolution?
    Please suggest

    1. hey friend if you have a pc or laptop ou can play pokemon fire ash it has all generations and mega evolutions

    2. No pc only myboy emulator on mobile

  46. Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina has a new update.
    Please provide that

    1. The one here is the 2nd fix on March 11th which still seems to be the latest.

  47. Can anyone suggest a rom with all 7 gen pokemon with new region (not default kanta or emerald) Fire Red hack would be better

  48. I have a question: can somebody make a list of famious rom hacks please

  49. A hack where we play on the side of team Plasma? Oh, I wish there was something like that...

    1. That's pretty specific.. There's a shortage of play-on-the-evil-team type rom hacks as it is. FireRed: Rocket Edition is apparently getting an update soon, so that's something.

  50. So, uh, the update of dark realm came like 3 years ago but it still displayed in red colour. Update the page.

  51. What game is the one with all the starters?

    1. I thought you were trying to remember a hack you played before. It's beatable in that you can challenge the league but the post-game was never added.

  52. Can gen 4-6 legendaries be caught in Pokemon ultimate mega fire Red?

    1. According to Pokemoner, " All Legendary Pokemons From Gen 1 To 6 Catchable Through Wild Encounter ONLY by using cheats for now"

    2. Are the cheats used here? I mean it only supports Fire Red cheats.

    3. No, I couldn't find any info on the cheats. Couldn't find the official page for the hack either.

  53. Hey knuckles, here's a link to the old light platinum version which is fixed.

    1. Thanks but do you have any more info on this? Not sure what this is fixing.

  54. This would be a cool addition.

  55. Could you also add Pokeluv's Emerald version?

  56. So why have people made their own versions of the games? While people have been hacking into video games since video games became a thing, Pokemon is something of an unusual phenomenon in this category.

    1. When will fire red rocket edition be updated

  57. Hey Knuckle, been awhile, can you patch emerald final with these optional patches enabled
    Gen 6 exp share
    No dark caves
    lucky egg modifier 2.5X
    moemon patch (if possible)

    1. Sure thing. The Moemon patch threw a warning but I think it went through okay.
      With Moemon: Link
      Without Moemon: Link

  58. Hey Knuckles! Please add this hack!

    1. It's on the main list for the time being. I'll make a page when I get time.


    New Hack, Delta Emerald

  60. Can you add Pokemon Mega Blue please

    1. It's a companion hack to Delta Emerald by Stiker


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