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Shin Pokemon Red & Blue

Download Pre-Patched Shin Pokemon Red & Blue Versions

Version: v1.10

Updated: January 6, 2020


(Red v1.10)


(Blue v1.10)


Name: Pokemon Shin Red And Blue
Type: GB
Hack of: Red
Language: English


This is a rom hack of pokemon red & blue based on the Pret team's disassembly.
It's a mostly-vanilla hack that focuses on fixing game engine bugs and oversights from the original game.
Additionally, trainer AI routines are improved and multiple quality-of-life improvements have been added.
Think of it as what the Nintendo Virtual Console re-release of red & blue might have been (plus a few extra goodies).


  • Tons of bugs, glitches, and oversights fixed
  • Trainers are made more difficult not by increasing their team levels, but by doing the following:
    • Vastly improving the default ai routines
    • Giving them access to stat experience
    • Giving them above-average random DVs
    • Trainers of a smart-enough trainer class will make use of basic pkmn switching
  • One of OAK's aides will toggle on/off scaling of trainer rosters to your level (evolving them if applicable)
  • All 151 pkmn are available in one version
    • Though difficult for a select few, each pkmn can be obtained multiple times
    • The uniqueness between red & blue is still preserved in encounter rarity
  • You can play as a boy or a girl
  • You can hunt for shiny pokemon
    • DVs are checked to see if a pokemon would be shiny in the gen 2 games
    • If a pokemon has shiny DVs, then it will play the Reflect animation when entering battle
    • If playing on a super gameboy, shiny pkmn will have a palette swap on the status screen and also change color in battle
  • Minor quality-of-life improvements during battle
    • When a when a box is filled (either via catching or depositing a pokemon), notification text is displayed
    • Exp bar in battle
    • A pkmn plays its cry to signal the last turn of using a trapping move like wrap/clamp/etc
    • The safari zone mechanics run off level instead of speed and safari balls have a boosted catch rate
    • Press Select to play a mon's cry if it's already listed as owned in the pokedex
  • Minor quality-of-life improvements outside of battle
    • Softlock Warp: instantly teleport back to your mom's house if you get stuck (see instructions in detailed changes on the github page)
    • Running Shoes: Hold B to double your speed when walking, surfing, and biking
    • Press SELECT to use HMs based on proper context (must have the right badge and the move on one of your pkmn)
    • Move relearner and deleter
    • Nearly all trainers can be rematched just by talking to them a 2nd time after their most recent defeat
    • Due to on-demand rematches, you could do a pseudo-"new game+" by boxing your pkmn and rematching everyone in order
    • All TMs can be repurchased as they are strategically scattered across all the Kanto pokemarts
    • Hold select and enter the status screen to print a 'mons stat exp
    • Hold start and enter the status screen to print a 'mons DVs
    • Slot machine bugs and oversights fixed so now you can actually win big
    • A pokemon having Pay Day will tip you off to the lucky slot machine and when it's in a special payout mode
    • An NPC will pay COINS for showing him pokemon as an alternative to slots
    • After the elite-4, a new vendor opens up in celadon allowing the purchase of normally unique items
    • After the elite-4, there is an NPC that generates a trainer battle with a randomized 6-pkmn roster
    • There's a tournament being held in the SS Anne's kitchen after the elite 4 are beaten
    • CUT not needed to get to Lt. Surge and Erika (a blocking event replaces the Vermilion shrub)
    • Added some special trainer battles as fun little easter eggs
  • Minor learnset changes that make things more convenient while still staying gen-1 legal
    • Stone evolutions regain some level-up moves
    • Yellow-version move lists have been integrated
  • Minimal changes to battle mechanics necessitated by AI improvements
    • Trapping move mechanics nerfed to prevent PP underflow glitch as well as stopping merciless, unwinnable abuse by AI trainers
      • They now end, ending the turn with no further attack, if the target switches pkmn
      • Upon hitting, user's speed reduced 25% until recalculated through other mechanics
      • The user's Cry is played on the final turn of a trapping move to signal its end
    • Adjustment to the sleep condition
      • Sleep does not prevent choosing a move
      • Waking up from sleep does not waste the turn and the chosen move is used


jojobear13, pret, Rangi, Danny-E 33, TheFakeMateo, kadetPirx, JOBOalthor1992, krazsen