SmallAnt Pokemon RomHacks Download

Download Pre-Patched SmallAnt Pokemon Roms

Updated: September 8, 2021


Includes only the publicly released hacks. Currently missing the NDS hacks.

Download Blue No HUD

Download Gen 1 2 Player

Download Crystal Team Stealing

Download Ruby Wonder Guard

Download Emerald Negative EXP

Download Emerald Randomizer


  • Blue No HUD - the idea was the emulate a more “realistic” battle from the show where you see no hud and have to battle “blind”
  • Gen 1 2 Player - the trainer AI was completely removed, In it’s place a person has the ability to control the trainer fully
  • Team Stealing - After each trainer battle you steal the party of your opponent
  • Ruby Wonder Guard - all enemy Pokémon have wonder guard on top of their normal abilities
  • Emerald Negative Exp - the exp you were supposed to gain at the end of the battle is subtracted from your Pokémon’s exp, and will cause you to level down
  • Emerald Randomizer - before each battle your team is randomized


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