The True Pokemon Saga Hack Series

The True Pokemon Saga

by Chaos Rush

pokemon true saga chaos rush

Pokemon Emerald Edit

So Hoenn is a tropical region, right? So why not make it look more tropical? YES!!! Hoenn now resembles Platinum's tropical Battle Zone. Also all the Gym Leaders have updated teams, and so do Maxie and Archie. The level curve has also been slightly raised.

Download (MediaFire)

Pokemon FireRed Edit

This FireRed hack has updated graphics so that Kanto resembles the HG/SS Kanto better. Also the Gym Leaders have updated rosters, Rocket Admins Athena and Apollo appear, and the Pokedex has been updated to include all evolutions/pre-evolutions of the Kanto Pokemon (for instance, Kingdra is now considered a Kanto Pokemon). Also generally every trainer has been updated to allow for a more smoother level curve.

Download (MediaFire)



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    1. You should be able to beat the games, but no, they were never finished.

  2. I feel like the descriptions were accidentally switched.

  3. are there any evos that are in the next generations?(like elekid)

  4. It's nice be better if there's more evolution

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