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Version: 23rd August 2020 update

Updated: December 9, 2020

pokemon vega


(23rd August 2020 update)


Name: Pokemon Vega
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Pokemon Vega is probably the highest regarded of all foreign-language Pokemon hacks. Created by a group of Japanese hackers, it contains a new region, all sorts of new Pokemon and moves, and a significant challenge.


  • New region- Tohoak
  • 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 from newer gens
  • 70 new moves, plus 87 from newer gens
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Rematches with important trainers
  • Extensive postgame including a battle facility


pokemon vega screenshot 1 pokemon vega screenshot 2 pokemon vega screenshot 3 pokemon vega screenshot 4 pokemon vega screenshot 5 pokemon vega screenshot 6 pokemon vega screenshot 7 pokemon vega screenshot 8


Pokemon Vega Team, Dr. Akimbo, Asfia, Bevan7, Doesnt, Ganon's Error, Hawkfire, K1seki, LightningLord2, Lucis, Mighty Revenant, quiggles, Silphver, SilverStrangequark, Toyotasomi no Miko, Z-nogyroP, Wizards of the Coast, Doesnt, Ketsuban, Mighty Revenant, Chrunch, El Diabeetus, Tailes, Diegoisawesome




  1. Feb 6th 2019 update:
    - Renamed a large number of Pokemon and some important NPCs
    - Minor translation and wording fixes

  2. Heads up, the new patch crashes after the opening sequence on VBA-M, mGBA, and no$gba. On a side note, updated translations for Sirius and Altair have been released.

    1. After the Professor intro? It seems to work fine on VBA.

    2. And thanks for the info; I've updated Altair and Sirius as well.

    3. I've tried it out on some more emulators. Apparently Vega only crashes on more recent emulators, I got it working on an older version of VBA-M as well as MyBoy.

  3. Is it completed? (I also want to say that I respect your fast response and you always react to everyone nicely :D)

    1. Yeah, it was already complete; the recent update just fixes translations and stuff.

  4. Hey! Also wanted to say that Vega Minus got the same update as the original along with the fairy patch.

    1. I have a question. Is the regular version getting a Fairy patch as well?

    2. I don't think so. If you'd like, I can try using Minus's Fairy patch on this, but it may or may not work properly.

  5. Why did someone remove my comment?

    1. Don't remember why I did this, but I created a fresh page for this hack and so the older comments aren't visible here.

  6. 20th April 2019 update:
    - Changed was the sprites for Patroleo, Gardleon, and Royalert to reflect their changes in P/D
    - Fixed egg moves, which broke in the previous update

  7. You didn't fix the mawile evolution unless I'm playing an older version. You should see the mawile evolution from procyon and deneb

  8. what i need to do when porygon in front of chateau of time?. cant find the kid.. help please im losing idea

    1. The Porygon event is for the post-game.

      "Beat Team DH at the Chateau of Time, then finish the mission at Mt. Snowfall. Talk to the Director at Orpimence City's Pokemon Broadcasting Station (be sure to talk to the scientists first), then give the Meteorite you received to one of the scientists back in Ravenplume City."

  9. Does this rom have physical / special split? Also does it have reusable TMs?

  10. Is there Riolu and Lucario?

    1. Yes, you can get Riolu by trading a Larvitar at Shamouti Island Dept. Store.

  11. Gonna be honest, this is one of the hardest Roms out there. For me, this was a true patience test and god that was a tough one.

    Unfair amount of XP outside of main battles
    Unfair and Questionnable attacks of foe's pokemons
    Huge amount of grinding needed

    This is what I will remember from this game.

    I legit wanted to give up at the 3rd but let's get real : This game looks cancer, can be unfair annoying hard, everything you want, but damn it was so good, this is one of the best RH out there. Awesome Music, Stunning moves animations, Incredible post-game... This game is legit worth the try even if it is for sure one of the most hardest RH I have played. I'm glad I didn't give up after the 3rd gym and I recommend deeply this game.

    Speaking of unfair stuff, the last fight can't be worse.

    Good Luck and Stay strong for this game. You'll need it.

    99/10 is my rating.

  12. I really can't wait for the sequel. Loved to play with Almaria for the endgame, I hope that the sequel will be completed and translated in english :D


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