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Version: v1.1

Updated: November 7, 2018

pokemon wob version




Name: Pokemon Wob Version
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English


Pokémon Wob Version is a little hack in which every Pokémon's face is sloppily slapped onto the body of a Wobbuffet or Wynaut. In addition to this, each Pokémon has been given the ability to use Counter and Mirror Coat at the expense of all but one of their previously learned moves (HMs are also usable).
When a Pokémon evolves, it immediately learns the signature move of its evolution (for example, an Ivynaut learns PoisonPowder at Lv. 16 as well as at Lv. 1). Pokémon that evolve via stone or friendship learn their signature move every ten levels.


The Igmeister




  1. Ohhhh don't mind me, I'm just gonna paste this Right Here. xD

    Notes from the creator on his main post:

    BUGS (I'm really bad at coding) :
    - Using Confuse Ray may crash the game. As a result, no Pokémon learns Confuse Ray, but it can still occur via Metronome.
    - The game may crash when a save file is loaded. This is a random occurrence and can be circumvented by just attempting to load the save again.
    - And probably more!
    NOTE: This game was play-tested on VBA, so this list of bugs might not pertain to your experience if you play on another emulator.

    Based on v. 1.0.

    Wob Version is more of a poorly executed conceptual joke than an actually playable hack, but if you decide you want to torture yourself and play it, randomization is recommended. The core hack is functional on its own, but randomization provides the opportunity for you to see all 386 sprites in action.

    1. I bet this is just like Pokemon bidoof except
      There is no rusty and pb

  2. Not going to lie, I am actually looking forward to this.

    1. It's a really good challenge. :)

  3. Yeah I'm playing this on My Boy and I like it A Lot.. it's a pain, just what I was looking for! xD

    ... everything I'm seeing so far is completely intentional too.

    I tested out some of my FR cheats in this if people get terrified about everything using both Mirror Coat & Counter with no weakness curb.

    - Soo, if you get scared wanna make your life easy... :p

    ~Master Balls (free at store):

    88CFA129 357400B2
    8BB602F7 8CEB681A

    GameShark v3(Action Replay)

    ~Everything for a Dollar:

    3C25A344 FD8F451C
    AD86124F 2823D8DA

    GameShark v3(Action Replay)

    ~Walking Through Walls:

    509197D3 542975F4
    78DA95DF 44018CB4

    GameShark v3(Action Replay)

    .....Infinate Rare Candy in PC

    !!!!How to Use These Kinda Cheats Right!!!!

    1) Stand in front of Home PC, Input in Emulator Cheats Menu:
    ___ Infinite Rare Candy in PC
    ___ 82025840 0044
    ___ Code Breaker
    ........... Make Sure It's Enabled.

    2) Access PC & select "ITEM STORAGE" --> "WITHDRAW ITEM" from PC Menu options.

    3) It will state you have 0 Rare Candy right now. Select "RARE CANDY" *without* selecting anything from the corner menu.

    4) At this point, open Emulator Cheats Menu & **DISABLE** CHEAT!!!!!
    .....NOTE: This is when you have to disable the cheat or you bugger up your PC for it!!!
    -This is where you Always see in those screenshots & You Tube vids on how to use the stupid cheat wrong!!!

    5) Withdraw 1 Rare Candy.

    6) If you did this right, it will now say you have "x?35" Rare Candy *On Only 1 Line*.

    7) At this point, You now have access to infinate rare candy in any PC, plus you used the cheat right!

    * When this cheat is used correctly, it should only take up 1 line in PC & nothing more.

    * As long as the amount you pull out has no "?" in it, that rare candy slot will do an infinate rollover from that point on.

    ... I Hope This Helps.

  4. Can you add Pokémon Radiant please?

  5. Thank you for informing me Knuckle San, I appreciate your hardwork keeping in touch with commenters and this site as a whole.
    On an unrelated note, some ROMs that have anything with brackets won't load, for example Pokémon Blast Burn (v2.) (GD) won't load but Pokémon Clover will. Hope you can fix it.

    1. The ones marked with GD (Google Drive) don't have their own pages so they are direct download links. You may have to right click/long press and choose save/download. Which browser/device do you use?

  6. Hey Knuckle San who is this Amy?

    1. Who is anybody really.. She visits the site occasionally and helps out a bunch. She's active on Pokecommunity if you want to get in touch.

  7. hey Knuckle this has been updated to 1.1 a few hours ago :)

    ... and awww that's nice xD

  8. Yes going to lie, I am actually looking forward to this.


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